May 2008 Article Links

Making the Grade

Data-driven decision-making drives top performers.

Why are Utah's roads, bridges, and buildings in better shape than any other state's? The following link will take you to a table that shows 2008 state apportionments pursuant to the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Equity Act in 13 categories.

Bush Loses Backing

Proposed cuts in federal funding unlikely to stick.

The EPA is considering whether an additional 104 contaminants and microbes should be evaluated for possible drinking water restrictions.

Going Green? Go Electric

The Work Truck Show introduces futuristic vehicles and accessories.

Fourteen ways to (humanely) block, bedevil, and otherwise banish feathered pests.

For tips on finding a pest bird control professional, visit the National Pest Management Association.

To download a free copy of Managing Canada Geese, a Cornell University Cooperative, Department of Natural Resources publication, visit the National Pest Management Association.

For information on cleaning up after birds, download a free copy of Health Hazards From Pigeons, Starlings, and English Sparrows. Note: You will be required to register on Bell Bird Control's site.

Capture, convert, cash in

With private industry clamoring for alternative fuel, even small landfills are turning gas into revenue.

In addition to listing participating projects in the EPA's Landfill Methane Outreach Program, this Web site will help you determine if your operation is a candidate for conversion.