Self-propelled cameras

These sewer-inspection cameras include integral LED lighting. Choose between a durable straight-view camera or a pan/tilt model. The self-propelled, tractor-mounted cameras provide greater reliability and ease of use than hose-mounted systems. Both feature the ability to record and document inspection information. Vactor, a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp.

Zoom inspection camera

The QuickView zoom inspection camera can look 75 to 250 feet down sewer and stormwater lines measuring 6 to 60 inches in diameter. The 216:1 camera captures detailed views from pipes and large or confined areas. A belt-mounted joystick allows a single operator to run and transport the unit. Envirosight LLC.

Easy-open back door

The company offers a remote-controlled hydraulic rear door on several of its sewer cleaners. The feature raises, lowers, locks, and unlocks at the touch of a button, enabling operators to avoid getting wet from the spoils. The safety brace prevents operator injury and makes washout simple. Choose from trailer- or skid-mounted units. VACTRON Equipment.

Safe smoke testing

The Ripcord smoker offers operators a safe way to smoke-test sewer systems for leaks and inflow/infiltration. The product delivers more minutes of smoke than competitive models. The company provides announcement materials to help with constituent relations regarding your smoke-testing program. Hurco Technologies.

LCD monitor and DVD

An LCD monitor and DVD combo is available for use with the company's SeeSnake camera reels. The rugged system provides digital recording and enhanced picture quality in a lightweight design. The product, which works on a 120-V AC power supply, features resistant touchpad with large, easy-to-use control buttons. Its lighting system—with a push-rod assembly—enables users to effectively view inside pipes to determine the location and cause of problems. Ridgid Tool Co.

Cured-in-place repair

ACE-PATCH is a sectional cure-in-place system for repairing sewer lines. It consists of a fiberglass matting, impregnated with an ambient curing, two-part silicate resin. Choose from two resin options, depending on desired curing time and ambient temperature. Ace Pipe Cleaning Inc.

Smoke generators

The company's smoke generators can be used to check for various sewer problems. They offer an easy-to-use, affordable way to pinpoint sources of stormwater inflow into sewage systems. They also enable users to trace uncapped or abandoned lines, illegal connections, leaky manholes, and other flaws. Superior Signal Co. Inc.

Camera transporter

The TransSTAR camera transporter can be used to inspect pipe from 6 to 24 inches in diameter. The six-wheel, all-gear-driven transporter travels at speeds up to 700 feet per minute. A microprocessor guides the product's functions. A freewheel clutch enables rapid retrieval once inspection is complete. Alternate gear sets, wheel sizes, and axle extensions make the transporter adaptable to different loads and pipe sizes. RS Technical Services Inc.