Electric spreader
The V-Maxx 9500 is a V-box spreader with a 4-cu.-yd. hopper. Its ¾-hp, 12 V electric drive can empty a full hopper (up to 8500 lbs. of salt, sand, or a mixture of the two) in 20 minutes. The durable polyethylene hopper has a multangular design, heavy-duty auger drive, inverted-V baffle configuration, and attached vibrator, which help ensure continuous material flow. TrynEx International. 800-725-8377.

Bridge inspection truck
The A-62 has a 62-ft. horizontal reach and does not require outriggers, so the vehicle can maneuver around bridges while the booms are fully deployed. A 180-degree rotating platform on a telescoping fourth boom lets operators easily access tight areas behind deep beams. Advanced controls and a color display let you monitor operation, hydraulics, and other functions. Also, a 40360-in. platform with 600-lb. capacity lets up to three people work simultaneously. Aspen Aerials Inc. www.aspenaerials.com.

Versatile dumping
The Eliminator-MD dump body offers rear and side dumping, letting you conserve labor and time by increasing productivity. It can be set up to dump from either the driver or passenger side; the opposite side folds down, making it easy to load the vehicle with a forklift. TBEI Inc. www.tbei.com.

Valve key sockets
These socket sets—constructed of hardened, zinc-plated steel—can manage rounded or corroded valve nuts so crews can immediately close valves, even in tough environments. Each kit consists of a small, medium, and large socket, plus the necessary hardware for connecting each to a valve key. Lowell Corp. www.lowellcorp.com.

Bird netting
K-Net structural bird netting comes in a stone color, to better blend in with surrounding architecture; black netting also is available. Its high strength and seamless construction make it suitable for use in a range of bird-blocking applications. Nixalite of America. www.nixalite.com.

Wastewater panel protection
Mounted onto a wastewater plant control cabinet, the Immacul-Aire H2S pressurizes the cabinet and absorbs hydrogen sulfide contaminants to protect circuit panels from corrosion. The unit includes a 110 V blower and 360-degree intake. The carbon filter lasts up to two years under normal conditions, and it can be replaced quickly and easily. KR Products Inc. www.krproductsinc.com.

Upgraded controls
Water and wastewater managers looking to expand their obsolete SY/MAX programmable logic control systems can now upgrade to the Quantum platform, with a two-week turnaround from powering down the old system to powering up the new. The upgrade delivers a more cost-effective and manageable solution than complete equipment replacement. Revere Control Systems. www.reverecontrol.com.

Gas monitoring
The Series 3000 XPIS monitors toxic gas and oxygen hazards in both indoor and outdoor applications. The low-powered detector operates on a two-wire, 4-20mA loop, making the device suitable for new or retrofit applications. Fault-diagnostic software and programmable calibration make maintenance easy. Honeywell International. www.honeywell.com.

Wide-tracked mulcher
With wide tracks and high flotation, the 400XHP mulcher efficiently removes brush even from sensitive environments. Features include single-stick steering, easy-to-read head pressure gauge, and LCD monitor. Choose from a variety of cutting head attachments. RWF Bron. www.rwfbron.com.

Rotary hammers
The TE 70 and TE 70-ATC Combi-hammers combine power and safety to quickly drill into or chisel concrete, stone, and other tough materials. The 70-ATC offers active torque control, which shuts off power if the tool housing begins to rotate too quickly such as when the drill bit catches. Hilti Inc. www.us.hilti.com.