The 50P Series recycling carts
The 50P Series recycling carts

The 50P Series recycling carts in the Poly-Trux line are offered with a choice of optional safety and security features to help safeguard workers from injuries and help prevent access to valuable materials contained inside the carts.

The 50P Series recycle carts support proper ergonomics with an optional, hinged side panel that opens for easy access to the cart interior during loading and unloading, and with an optional spring platform that rises as materials are removed. Both reduce bending and reaching and aid in reducing workers’ compensation claims.

To help secure scrap metal, electronics waste and other cargo, the 50P Series carts are offered with an optional, rugged, plastic security lid that may be locked to block access and support HIPAA compliance and/or with an optional, water-resistant, vinyl cover cap that envelopes the cart perimeter to hide the interior and deter casual theft. Available in 18-, 16- and 11-bushel capacities, the 50P Series carts set a durable, rotationally molded plastic bin and marine plywood base atop six, industrial-strength casters that support loads up to 500 lbs. The recycling carts come in a choice of colors.


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