Refuse-to-Fuse Pipe
Refuse-to-Fuse Pipe

Victaulic, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, today announced the launch of its Refuse-to-Fuse system for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. Featuring a range of couplings and fittings, the Victaulic Refuse-to-Fuse system offers installation up to 10 times faster than fusing while meeting or exceeding the performance capabilities of traditional fused joints.

Victaulic Refuse-to-Fuse couplings are installed with common hand tools in any weather condition, resulting in quick, simple HDPE pipe connections. Assembled with a standard socket or impact driver, Victaulic HDPE couplings do not require special equipment or certified crews. The couplings can be installed rain or shine without protective tents or covers, and joint completion time does not depend on aospheric conditions.

The couplings also permit HDPE pipe to be installed in-line, even in vertical orientations and tight spaces. Unlike fusing, the couplings offer simple visual confirmation of correct installation: Metal-to-metal bolt-pad contact confirms proper assembly.

In addition to simplified installation, the Refuse-to-Fuse system streamlines maintenance, because couplings can be readily disassembled and removed from the pipe then easily reassembled upon completion of the work. Victaulic Refuse-to-Fuse couplings offer superior long-term reliability. The couplings meet or exceed the pressure ratings of HDPE pipe, as well as tensile load and minimum bend radius requirements. Extensive testing has shown the pipe will fail before the joints give way.

The Refuse-to-Fuse system features the Style 905 coupling for 2- to 8-inch plain-end HDPE pipe and the Style 908 coupling for 8- to 36-inch double-grooved-end HDPE pipe. The couplings can be used on pipe with standard dimension ratio (SDR) of 7 to 17. Additional components include the Style 907 HDPE-to-steel transition coupling for steel pipe and equipment connections, and a line of full-flow fittings, including 90- and 45-degree elbows, tees and concentric reducers.


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