Polymer-based marker with high retroreflectivity

Permastripe provides a long-lasting, colored pavement-marking product that also offers high retroreflectivity and high chromaticity retention. It is not a paint or epoxy coating but rather a polymer-modified composite, and it may be rapidly installed on damaged substrates. The product may be applied with a squeegee applicator or a specially designed pump and spray application device. If nighttime visibility is required glass beads can be pneumatically applied into the material for high-level retroreflectivity. PolyCon Manufacturing. www.polyconmfg.com.

Confined-space roller

The model WBR650 double-drum walk-behind roller features a 25.5-in. drum width and hydrostatic transmission for compaction in confined spaces as well as general asphalt patching and repair on bridge abutments, sidewalks, and road shoulders. Powered by a 10-hp Lombardini diesel engine, it has a compaction force of 2,925 lbs. with a maximum travel speed of 2.5 mph. The roller has a 10-in. curb clearance and 1-in. side clearance. Specially designed drain lines may be pulled away from the machine to allow the tanks to be drained easily with little or no mess. Stone Construction Equipment Inc. www.stone-equip.com.

Reinforce asphalt cheaper

Forta-Fi is a fiber blend for reinforcing asphalt that allows for the placement of up to 35% less asphalt when its blend of reinforcing fibers is added to the asphalt mixture. It also reduces rutting and cracking and lasts longer than unmodified asphalt. Three new blends have been formulated for hot-mix asphalt, warm-mix asphalt, and hot/cold patching. The reinforcing fibers, which distribute uniformly and evenly, come in bags that instantly melt into the mixture. A small dosage of Forta-Fi reinforces an entire ton of asphalt. Forta Corp. www.forta-fi.com.

Recycled cold-patch

U.S. Cold Patch is a ready-to-use, recycled asphalt product used to permanently repair potholes, depressions, or cracks in asphalt or concrete surface. It may be applied year-round in all regions of the country that are subject to cutback asphalt restrictions as part of an effort to reduce VOCs and ground-level ozone pollution. The product is made from nearly 60% recycled asphalt pavement, is odorless, and cleans up with only soap and water. It is applied directly from the package and does not require curing. Patched areas are immediately available for traffic and may be repaved. Bonsal American Inc./Sakrete. www.sakrete.com.

Highly maneuverable paver

The RP-195 rubber-track asphalt paver is 10 ft. wide and designed to work in all types of subgrades and paving applications. It offers full counter-rotate ability and track flotation, which allow the paver to maneuver through small areas while maintaining traction. Roadtec. www.roadtec.com.

Turn a standard trailer into a work zone barrier

Attendees voted the MBT-1 “most innovative new product” during the American Traffic Safety Services Association's Traffic Expo this year. The 20-ft. sections form a 42- to 120-ft.-long wall to which integrated power, message/ arrow board, safety and work lighting, and storage and supply areas can be added. Bi-directional platforms and a movable rear-axel-assembly caboose are included. It's crash-tested and accepted by FHWA at the TL-2 and TL-3 levels for use on the National Highway System under NCHRP 350 and MASH-08 standards. Mobile Barriers LLC. www.mobilebarriers.com.