Asphalt pavers

CR300L asphalt pavers are 8-foot machines with a hopper capacity of 10 tons. The line features rubber-tire, rubber-track, and steel-track versions that are longer and more rugged than previous models, but offer the same operating weight. The elongated hoppers offer increased tailgate clearance for end-dump trucks, making truck unloading more efficient. Terex.

Road construction software

Cross Sections 2.0 highway software enables users to break out separate sections of a road (such as a ditch, median, or specific lane) and calculate individual cut and fill quantities. It enables operators to calculate the appropriate amount of bedding, backfill, asphalt, and other materials needed in each section of a particular job. Quest Solutions.

Radar speed signs

SpeedCheck radar speed signs help increase driver safety in a range of traffic environments. Able to be placed either permanently or temporarily, the signs can be programmed to operate during certain times of the day, collect traffic data, and are easily moved. Information Display Co.

Curb-and-gutter machine

The GT-3400 can be controlled via remote-vibrator adjustment, emergency stop, and all other necessary functions are controllable with the 7-pound control unit. The paver has a three-track footprint with all-track steering; the design has two close tracks on one side, and a single track on the other. The configuration delivers a tight turning radius and leads to a reduced machine length. It is powered by a 127-hp diesel engine with a remote-mounted cooling package. GOMACO Corp.

Job light

One of the first portable lights designed especially for roadway work zones, Night Lite is lightweight and easy to transport. The product features microprocessor-controlled electronics, which ignite a high-intensity discharge, and a gas-filled lamp that creates a non-glaring but highly visible light. In addition, it offers relatively low power consumption—4 amps at 120 V AC from a 60-Hz electrical source. Work Area Protection.

Asphalt odor control

Ecosorb 1200A is a liquid additive designed to minimize odors associated with sulfides and hydrocarbons in liquid asphalt cement. The product reduces the unpleasant smell associated with asphalt mix, without reducing the binder's effectiveness or performance. OMI Industries.

Pavement-marking paint

Industrial Choice High Output pavement-marking paint comes in an inverted paint can and can easily produce highly visible markings on a range of surfaces. It comes in 16-ounce cans in a variety of colors (fluorescent orange or pink, white, safety red, and caution blue). It can be used on concrete, asphalt, and brick. Rust-Oleum Corp. industrial.

Roadside erosion control

GreenArmor combines a turf reinforcement mat with a flexible growth medium, creating an effective, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative to harder materials (such as riprap). The product protects against high hydraulic lift and shear forces on slopes and in channels, while encouraging quick turf establishment and long-term root reinforcement. PROFILE Products LLC.

Profile sensor

The RoLine laser-line sensor monitors surface conditions via a 100-mm line (similar to the width of a tire), then creates accurate, 3-D surface profiles. It offers a high degree of performance on all types of pavements, including transverse, longitudinally tined, grooved, and diamond-ground concrete. LMI Technologies Inc.

Portable pedestrian sign

The Safe-Hit RubberTough 360 heavy-duty, portable pedestrian crossing sign can be used in temporary applications (such as road and street repairs in residential or commercial areas) to increase driver attention and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Features include a hinge that lets it withstand impacts from any direction, a 3½-inch-diameter post, and a variety of mounting options. Quixote Transportation Safety.