The unit attaches to the front of Neal Manufacturing’s DA 350 Dual Applicator machine and can be retrofitted onto any truck-powered sealcoating unit to automatically cut-in sealcoat materials on the go while keeping curbs and edges free of material.

The hydraulic AutoTrim features a spray nozzle, hose and baffle that bolts on to the front of the machine and connects directly to the applicator’s sealcoat reservoir for a seamless operation. Combined with Neal Manufacturing’s 6,000-cfm blower, operators can clear debris with the blower and cut in with sealcoating materials as fast as 14 feet per second.

Neal Manufacturing’s DA 350 Dual Applicator is a three-wheeled, self-propelled sealcoating machine that features a 350-gallon tank and allows contractors to apply sealcoat with squeegee and spray systems.

Its heavy-duty diamond-shaped squeegee assembly has internal baffles that help distribute material more evenly than squeegee assemblies without baffles. After applying a coat with the squeegee, contractors can apply a second coat with the DA 350’s spray bar, which can expand up to 12 ft. wide. A spray coat also can be applied with a 6-foot hand wand connected to 75 feet of reinforced hose for added versatility on the jobsite.

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