Infrastructure Mainline Point Repair System is the cost effective, permanent solution for aging sewer systems. A leaking joint or even a missing piece of pipe is not a reason to line the whole pipe. Eliminate the problems and save with each point repair.

The “Infrastructure Point Repair System” is a no-dig, ambient cure, dependable system to repair any size pipe with no interruption of service. A crew of 3-4 with a camera truck, an inflatable carrier or bladder, and a repair kit is all that is needed to repair a damaged 4”- 36” pipe up to 15 feet in length in less than 4 hours. The complete, user friendly point repair kit features a patented, easy to wrap stay in place, sewn fiberglass and felt liner that is available in different thicknesses with pre-measured epoxy formulated for summer or winter environments. This system has been engineered to ASTM 1216 and certified, has a 100- year life certification and is environmentally safe. Training is done at your facility in 3-4 days. The training includes 3 complete kits, a carrier with flow thru, and 3 completed spot repairs.

The quick and easy process is as follows:
• On site, wet out the liner with the epoxy formulation.
• Wrap saturated liner around carrier and secure with patented straps and strings
• Insert carrier, with the liner into the manhole and pull to center of damaged area.
• Inflate carrier, with a flow thru, so there is no interruption of service.
• In 2.5 – 3 hours pull deflated bladder, leaving the new pipe within the damaged host pipe.

Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc

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