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The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District near Madison, Wisconsin, manages three major categories of revenues and expenditures through an operating budget, a capital projects budget, and a debt service budget. For 2019, total operating revenue for their service area is projected at $40.7 million, up from a budgeted $37 million in 2018. Total operating expenditures are also budgeted at $40.7 million, up from a budgeted $37 million in 2018.

“The 2019 budget directs resources for infrastructure upgrades, energy management and an assessment of new information technology needed to manage our plant and collection system,” says Michael Mucha, the district’s chief engineer and director. “The budget also continues our commitment to innovative programs that reduce pollution at the source.”

The 2019 operating budget revenues and expenditures include a $1.2 million transfer of money from a general reserve fund to increase fund balances in the equipment replacement fund and capital projects fund for future needs beyond 2019. The adopted budget includes a service charge increase of 6.3%.

The district does not charge or receive revenue directly from end users; instead its costs are passed through 26 customer communities that bill households directly using local cost recovery methods. The district works closely with customer communities to fairly allocate costs while maintaining affordability.

For 2019, planned revenues and expenditures are projected to result in average annual household service charges of $195, up 6% from $184 in 2018, for district provided services. The increase amounts to 92 cents per month for an average residential customer. Local utility costs also appear on end user’s bills.

The sewerage district serves 380,000 people in 26 Madison area customer communities covering some 184 square miles. The district owns and operates 141 miles of pipe and 18 regional pumping stations that convey approximately 41 mgd of wastewater to the Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A copy of the 2019 Budget and Capital Improvements Plan is available online and can be viewed here.