The Sidewalk Buttler is a coordinated solution designed to collect, document and recycle the most prevalent litter in the world - cigarette butts. The Buttler includes a high security receptacle with custom messaging , a supporting Android app, plus guidance to implement the program successfully.

The receptacle is rust-free aluminum, warrantied for 20 years,strategically designed to be fire, ice, rain, and vandal-resistant, doesn’t interfere with city services or take up additional real estate as it attaches to existing poles, posts or other vertical structures, and is manufactured in Maine. The easy-to-use app allows operators to time and date stamp their service and records the results of collection. The app can then report back to municipalities and other interested parties as to the use and impact of each Buttler. This allows operators to measure and easily report on the effectiveness of the program, at no additional cost.

Sidewalk Buttler

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