Airstar has introduced a new product for the construction industry this year, the Sirocco LED 75,000 lumens. This brand new EcoLight is the latest addition to their growing Sirocco line of safety products. It produces 360 coverage of glare-free, diffused light up to 20,100 square feet with a dayllight color temperature of 6,000 K. The light employs resourceful LED technology that consumes less power while reducing costs, making this light very affordable for safety and construction markets.

Designed with work area safety in mind, the Sirocco LED 75,000 lm is flame-retardant, dust and rainproof, and wind resistant up to 62 mph. The unit's envelope has been engineered for maximum light output and incorporates a silver internal reflector to increase light coverage within the work area while reducing the effects of light pollution. Depending on the application, the product can be produced with a different envelope color, without an internal reflector or with a reverse reflector to direct light upwards.

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