The new Godwin NC150S, the first in our new Godwin ‘Smart’ series, gives our customers new levels of control and remote flexibility. The NC150S features Godwin Field Smart Technology (FST), the first-in-industry telemetry and wireless technology that provides smart remote monitoring and control of the pump from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Cellular and satellite connectivity and GPS, enables the tracking, monitoring and control of the pump in real-time, wherever it is located. The new Godwin series features Xylem’s unique Flygt N-Technology, with its self-cleaning reliability and sustained hydraulic efficiency, the patented technology ensures pump operation during peak performance, even in the most challenging wastewater applications.
The NC150S also features longer maintenance service intervals and reduced service time, by 40 percent on average. For example, there is no need to separate the pump from the engine for compressor belt service, making it a simple 30-minute task. A new cartridge-type, mechanical seal reduces installation and set-up time. An optimally placed sight glass makes it easy to tell when oil needs replacing and a 25 percent increase in pump shaft diameter enables longer pump life.
The NC150S meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Tier 4 requirements with emissions reduced by 90 percent and fuel consumption by 10 percent on average. It is smart dewatering pump that makes easy work of stringy, modern wastewater, and has built-in intelligence to optimize performance and maximize uptime.

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