Late in 2016, Las Vegas achieved its goal of powering all government facilities with renewable energy. Ten years in the making, the achievement’s expected to save $5 million a year. Not surprisingly, the city’s infrastructure managers are the first worldwide to test streetlights designed to run completely off the grid.

The Smart Street Light consists of an LED fixture powered partially by a solar panel atop the pole and partially by sidewalk tiles installed at the pole’s base. Introduced by London company Pavegen Systems in 2009, the custom-made tiles use the weight of pedestrians to vertically displace electric-magnetic induction generators and produce a rotatory motion that generates electricity.

The company claims each pedestrian generates an average of five watts per footstep at 12-48 volts DC, enough to power an LED street lamp for 30 seconds. When pedestrian traffic decreases, energy harvested and stored by the light’s solar panels takes over.

Tiles also are equipped with a wireless API that transmits real-time movement data to smartphones and tablets.

Las Vegas installed four luminaires and eight tiles in the Arts District plaza.

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