Adobe Stock / Milan Noga reco

TerraGo has been awarded a contract by Commonwealth Edison Co. (ComEd), to provide mobile inventory and installation applications for 140,000 of their smart streetlights. ComEd has successfully deployed the two applications, which use a framework fully-integrated with Itron’s Streetlight.Vision (SLV) smart city management platform.

The custom ComEd applications consist of native iOS, Android, and web-based apps, with easily configurable workflows that connect to a secure cloud-based server. The inventory application tracks smart streetlight nodes throughout their lifecycle and to specific inventory or pole locations. The installation application helps crews navigate to poles to perform installations or maintenance, while automating the commissioning of nodes with the SLV. Both provide barcode/QR code scanning from phones or tablets and data validation features to ensure data quality, reduce errors, and prevent return trips.

Smart LED streetlights are promoted through the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program to improve the reliability of public lighting infrastructure, leading to savings for municipalities. Smart streetlighting systems also have the potential to support emerging sensor-based technologies designed to enhance community safety and resilience.

“Our platform was designed to deliver customized applications with operationally-verified smart streetlight features, as opposed to building one-off, custom software from scratch. Because it’s configurable in hours and days, not weeks and months, we were able to help ComEd deploy the solution more quickly and realize the benefits of its streetlight program sooner, rather than relying on traditional custom software development,” says David Basil, CEO at TerraGo Technologies.