Replaceable tailgate spreader for dump trucks

One of the first polyethylene-constructed replaceable tailgate spreaders on the market, the SP-2400 turns dump trucks into salt/sand spreaders — in a matter of hours. The all-electric spreader works with a vehicle's 12 V DC electrical system, making it quick to install and easy to adapt to a wide range of equipment. Plus, the poly construction eliminates maintenance and corrosion concerns that accompany aluminum and steel spreaders. Featuring a self-leveling spinner and vibrator/inserted “V” system, it spreads road salt, bulk salt, or any combination of salt/sand in a consistent spread pattern and as far as 30 feet out. SnowEx, a div. of TrynEx International.

Fixed spray system automatically anti-ices roads

FAST (Fixed Automated Spray Technology) uses sensors imbedded in the road surface to predict surface condition and activate the anti-icing spray system just before the roadway freezes. The self-test spray disks and accumulator and valve units cover large areas, and the pumping system monitors pressure levels and keeps the accumulators full of anti-icing agents at all times. The system can be installed with new construction or retrofitted to existing roadways, bridges, taxiways, etc. The company handles installation. Also available is microFAST, which offers reduced installation time and costs. Boschung America LLC.

Ultra-durable carbide-edged snow blades

Engineered with rugged Kennametal tungsten carbide, the I.C.E. (Isolated Carbide-Edged) series snowplow blades save maintenance downtime so users can spend more time plowing. The replaceable blade sections feature tungsten carbide buttons, handle embedded markers and rumble strips, and enable high-speed plowing over cracks, expansion joints, and uneven surfaces. They mount over existing blades using existing holes. When mounted at the highest wear areas of the moldboard, they provide a straight edge even in packed snow. No moldboard shoes are needed. Kennametal Inc.

Straight plow with wings for more capacity

This year's winner of The Work Truck Show's New Product Innovation Award, the MegaBlade Revolution plow is designed to move more snow than anything in its class. The straight plow has hydraulic wings integrated on each end that can be moved infinitely within a 150-degree range of motion. Accessory wings can be added to increase plowing capacity. As a result, the plow's angle can be as narrow as 7 ft. 10 in. or as wide as 11 ft. 4 in. It can be put in a straight, scoop, or box position and can angle left or right with the touch of a button using the optional wireless controller. Sno-way International Inc.

Folding v-plow removes snow anywhere

The FVX-12 folding v-plow, for mid- and heavy-duty trucks, is designed to be used anywhere you need to carry snow: bridges, overpasses, bus stops, intersections, driveways, and more. It can adjust to scoop, discharge to right or left, fold to bust drifts, and perform all normal plowing applications. It is 41-in. tall with a 147-in. moldboard and compression trip edge safety trip device. The “V” mode width is 125.5 in.; when angled it's 121 in. wide. The scoop mode is 116 in. wide. Henke Manufacturing.

Generates salt slurry

The Salt Slurry Generator reduces the amount of road salt usage per lane mile — and residual salt buildup — while maximizing salt efficiency. How it works: Rock salt or other free-flowing materials are conveyed or auger-fed to the machine. The roller mill section grinds the salt into fine particles, which are then sprayed with a liquid brine to create a slurry mixture. The slurry is dispersed in a variable pattern on the road surface via spinning disc assembly. This process increases salt volume by 25%. Plus, the brine process activates faster, thus melting snow and ice faster. Monroe Truck Equipment.

Salt, chloride neutralizer prevents corrosion

While regularly washing de-icing equipment removes salt, a corrosive “white salt film” usually reappears after the equipment has dried. Neutro- Wash salt and chloride neutralizer quickly breaks apart that rust-inducing film, thus extending the life of expensive equipment. To use, dilute the product 1:8 with cold water and apply through a pressure washer or with the company's Big Mouth applicator. It addition to cleaning trucks, pumps, spreaders, and dump beds, it can also be used to flush out liquid chloride tanks, lines, and nozzles and prepare metal surfaces for protective coatings. Rhomar Industries Inc.

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