V-box spreader

The V-Maxx 8500 bulk spreader is a V-box unit with a capacity of 2 cubic yards. Designed for use with pickups having beds 8 feet or longer, the product has a multi-angle hopper, inverted V salt/sand baffle, and attached vibrator to allow for continuous material flow. The hopper is made of heavy-duty polyethylene, eliminating the corrosion and frequent maintenance associated with steel-constructed hoppers. In addition, the product is lighter and easier to install than metal alternatives. TrynEx International. www.pwmag.com/06mar1.

Stainless steel plow

XBLADE snowplows—offered in 8- and 9-foot lengths—are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Each plow features a 12-gauge stainless steel mold-board and powder-coated steel structure for optimal rust resistance. The 31-inch blade curl and 10-inch moldboard overhang to promote favorable snow rolling and foiling. In addition, the 75-degree attack angle offers better ice removal, and the bracing on the back provides superior strength and rigidity. Fisher Engineering. www.pwmag.com/06mar2.

Web-based plow management

This Web-based snowplow management module offers users a simple, automated tool based on a geographic information system. It helps save total plowing time by enabling agencies to track salt spreading and plowing operations. In addition, it can reduce liability and help create an audit trail to replay storm events. It also can be used with leaf collection, trash pickup, and other routing activities. National Geomatica. www.pwmag.com/06mar3.

Radiant heating control

The company has introduced control panels for use with its electric radiant heating products. Designed for use on parking lots, driveways, and other areas, the RSMCK panels provide up to 200 amps of power for use with snow and ice sensors on most ground surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, brick, and pavers. Two versions are offered: 100-amp capacity, with two 50-amp contactors; and 200-amp capacity, with four 50-amp contactors. Both panels have pre-wired, pre-numbered terminal connections for easy installation and operation. Orbit Radiant Heating. www.pwmag.com/06mar4.

Hydrostatic snow clearing

The SW 48HY hydrostatic snow-clearing vehicle offers favorable traction and power for optimal performance in tough conditions. Features include hydrostatic drive, which gives the machine a higher degree of maneuverability than similar vehicles. It also includes an adjustable steering wheel, rubber-mounted cabs, easily accessible controls, and other ergonomic features. A variety of plow options are offered, including a 48-inch V plow, or 58- and 70-inch straight plows. Camoplast. www.pwmag.com/06mar5.

Tailgate spreader

The Model 500 low-profile tailgate spreader is designed to fit on compact pickups and sport utility vehicles with a Class III trailer hitch. The durably polyethylene hopper holds up to 5 cubic feet of material, weighing up to 225 pounds. Operators have a choice of an on/off switch or variable-speed control. The polyethylene construction spinner is standard; an adjustable deflector may be ordered. Western Products. www.pwmag.com/06mar6.

Liquid deicer

FreezGard is a magnesium chloride brine that flows freely at cold temperatures. It can be applied before a storm or after plowing to prevent ice and snow-pack, and it also can be used during and after a storm to treat sand and road salt keeping them on the road until it can be cleared. The product is made from natural ingredients, creating minimal environmental impact when properly applied. A corrosion inhibitor may be added. North American Salt Co. www.pwmag.com/06mar7.

Industrial snowblower

The Great White series of snowblowers offers heavy-duty performance for use on highways, access roads, residential streets, and other areas. Features include solid construction, simple fingertip control from the cab, load sensing, and a minimal number of moving parts to keep maintenance costs down. The outer cutting edge surrounds the entire blower for quality cutting through even tightly packed snow. Units for mounting on front-end loaders and tractors are offered, in widths of 7 to 9 feet. Alamo Industrial. www.pwmag.com/06mar8.

Ice control sprayers

Turbo Turf ice control sprayers—suitable for parking lots, streets, sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces—offer a range of spray patterns, including fan, straight, and extender nozzles that enable users to spray up to three lanes at once. They can be equipped with a hose and reel for deicing walks, steps, and other smaller areas. The turret boom enables operators to change from a fan or straight spray, or change from a nozzle for low-speed work to application on highways. Turbo Technologies Inc. www.pwmag.com/06mar9.

Steel-moldboard plow

The Snowtamer plow features a mold-board constructed of 10-gauge, roll-formed steel. It has a full-moldboard trip, accomplished with two compression springs. The cutting edge—measuring ½ inch by 6 inches—is manufactured of 1080 steel with a hardness of 93-100. The powder-coated finish enhances the plow's durability. Optional features include skid shoes, rubber snow deflector, wrap-around curb guards, and various hitch options. Monroe Snow & Ice Control. www.pwmag.com/06mar10.

Pavement coring

This pavement coring and reinstatement process combines a heavy-duty rotary coring unit—Minicor—with the company's Utilibond bonding compound for permanently replacing keyholes in all types of paved roads and sidewalks. It enables the user to quickly core an 18-inch diameter hole for repairs or inspection. Once complete, the hole is backfilled to the base and the core reinstated with the bonder. The affected area can be reopened to traffic in 30 minutes. Utilicor Technologies Inc. www.pwmag.com/06mar11.

Vehicle oil analysis

The 4-in-1 oil analysis kit enables fleet managers to obtain information about the particle count, water content, and viscosity of a vehicle's oil, helping to determine when maintenance is required, maximize vehicle life, and reduce overall maintenance costs. For each sample submitted, the company generates a lab report and returns it via e-mail to the user. Samples are categorized from “normal” (within operating parameters) to “critical” (immediate attention is needed), and specific corrective actions are recommended when applicable. Schroeder Industries. www.pwmag.com/06mar12.

Compact asphalt roller

The CR270 is a 35.4-inch-wide compact vibratory asphalt roller. It offers high-frequency vibration at 4000 vibrations per minute for maximum productivity. It achieves 10 impacts per foot at 4.55 mph ground speed to achieve specified density faster, saving time and money. A combination of rear-drum static forces and internal front-drum vibration with centrifugal forces up to 2975 pounds contribute to the machine's performance. In addition, the hydrostatic transmission ensures durability, longevity, and power while simplifying operation and increasing productivity. Sakai America. www.pwmag.com/06mar13.

Recycled waterproofing system

Made with 25% recycled content, Turbo-Seal rubberized asphalt is infused with special adhesives for all types of waterproofing and injection grouting. Upon contact with water, the cold-applied, self-healing material forms a gel that expands and adheres to any leaking area. It seals leaks and expands to repair damaged layers without having to remove them. It is temperature and chemical-resistant, and absorbs movement and vibration caused by structural shifts. The Re-Systems Group. www.pwmag.com/06mar14.

Self-leveling catch basin

The self-leveling catch basin has a frame supported by the street's foundation. The conventional concrete structure is replaced by a one-piece, high-density polyethylene pipe designed to prevent water and granular infiltration. The smooth external wall eliminates the possibility of a bond developing between the pipe and frozen soil. The design enables the frame to float on the foundation, letting it be at the same level as the roadway. The design reduces the risk of cavities in the soil, pavement deterioration, cracks, and other problems. Zirga. www.pwmag.com/06mar15.

Easy-to-assemble trench drain

The T1400 Proformer polypropylene trench drain system is acid resistant and lightweight for easy handling. It features a rigid body with a support board and rebar tiedown clips every 10 feet to secure the body in place during concrete pours. Body support legs snap into the underside to keep the trench bodies in position. The body sections snap together; no hardware is required. A wide variety of grate options are also available. Mifab. www.pwmag.com/06mar16.

Split seals

Used in water and wastewater applications, these split seals increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs by speeding installation (taking less than 30 minutes to put in place) and by improving reliability; the products can operate for up to three years without requiring maintenance. Installed without dismantling equipment, their low leakage prevents bearing failure and related downtime. The split seals also reduce frictional horsepower to 1/5 that of a typically packed piece of equipment, and reduced flush requirements decrease process dilution and costs for clean water, de-watering, and chemical additives. John Crane Mechanical Seals. www.pwmag.com/06mar17.

Edge-forming tool

The Shoulder Wedge Maker shapes the edge of a hot-mix mat on shoulderless roads. The simple device mounts on the screed extension face against the end gate of any brand of asphalt paver. It is designed to develop a 30-degree slope off the edge of the mat. The kit includes wedges and mounting hardware for both left and right sides of the paver. The right-hand version is designed for mainline paving in the direction of traffic. The left-hand wedge handles divided highways, ramps, and mainline paving in work against traffic. TransTech Systems Inc. www.pwmag.com/06mar18.

Paint striper

The redesigned Rollmaster paint striper incorporates an adjustable pump spring tension that speeds priming and compensates for any pump hose wear. The economical machine can apply mandated low volatile organic compound traffic paints effectively. Unlike large spray machines, the unit offers 100% transfer efficiency, producing crisp line edges with no over-spray. Additionally, the machine can replace aerosol-type stripers. It pumps paint directly from a 1-gallon can to the application roller. The peristaltic squeeze pump prevents paint from coming into contact with pump components. Newstripe Inc. www.pwmag.com/06mar19.

Erosion-control blanket

Flexterra flexible growth medium is a hydraulically applied blanket that offers better protection on slopes than rolled erosion-control blankets or bonded fiber matrix products, while delivering faster installation and lower cost. It can be combined with other erosion control techniques to accommodate a range of conditions. The product is effective immediately upon application; no cure time is required to develop soil contact. The medium performs on steep slopes and remains effective during sustained rainfall. Also, it can be applied over rough seedbeds or uneven terrain. Profile Products. www.pwmag.com/06mar20.