High-stacking plows

The 29 Series snow plow is 29 inches high and comes in widths of 7.5 and 8 feet. The company recommends installing the plow on heavy-duty 0.5-and 1-ton trucks. Interchangeable skins (steel, stainless steel, and polycarbonate) are offered. Optional features include the firm's down-pressure system, which hydraulically distributes plow weight from only the front axle to the cutting edge, front, and rear axles. In addition, wireless remote control may be added. The mount makes it easy to get on and off a vehicle. Sno-Way International Inc. www.pwmag.com/05apr1.Circle 1

Mini tailgate spreader

The SmartHitch 1100 mini tailgate spreader spreads dry, free-flowing materials (salt and other deicers) effortlessly. The power on/off feature enables the operator to attach the spreader simply by backing up to it, aligning the undercarriage with the spreader, stepping out of the cab, and flipping a switch. Detachment also is simple. Variable speed control with a blast feature adjusts the material flow and discharge distance from 4 to 30 feet. Other features include adjustable deflector, trailer hitch receiver, and polyethylene hopper. The Boss Snowplow. www.pwmag.com/05apr2.Circle 2

Flexible, reversible plow

The Flex Plow offers the cast distance of a one-way plow and the versatility of a flexible unit. Change the angle of the plow with the pull of a lever. The automatic contour uses two 3×6.5-inch hydraulic cylinders. The trip-edge design and polymer moldboard offer maximum flexibility and durability. Two shoe options are offered: 12-inch mushroom and 10-inch caster wheels. The plow comes in three lengths: 10, 11, and 12 feet. The models weigh from 2400 to 2600 pounds. Viking-Cives Group. www.pwmag.com/05apr3.Circle 3

Back plow

This back plow provides an efficient accompaniment to your front-plow system. It helps increase productivity by as much as 50% by pulling snow while the front plow pushes it. It scrapes snow and ice off the surface with 2000 pounds of down pressure, and it enables the operator to get closer to garage doors and other structures for more thorough plowing. It protrudes minimally at the back of the pickup body, so that the driver need not worry about collisions when backing up. Phil Larochelle Equipment Inc. www.pwmag.com/05apr4.Circle 4

Quick plow mounting

The EZ-Mount Xpress snowplow system mounts in seconds, with no pins, levers, or jacks. To use, simply drive up to the plow and push a button. The tool automatically attaches and locks to the truck. Disconnection is just as simple. The system has a highway style plow, with an aggressive attack angle that delivers maximum removal capacity. The plow automatically levels to the ground during transportation, eliminating unsightly angling. In addition, it uses Power Line Control technology for consistent communication. Meyer Products Inc. www.pwmag.com/05apr5.Circle 5

Snow pusher for loaders

Sno Pushers attach to your loader, maximize the machine's efficiency. Compared to conventional snow blades, pushers may increase the pushing capacity of your machine by as much as 500%. The quick-change attachment feature makes it easy to install on and remove from any machine. Simply drive the cutting edge of the bucket into the six-post receptacle, connect chains and binder and the Sno Pusher is ready to use in less than five minutes. The pushers come in a range of models to fit your loader size and snow-moving requirements. Pro-Tech Manufacturing & Distribution. www.pwmag.com/05apr6. Circle 6

Trip edge plow

The Super Plow is a poly trip edge reversible unit designed for use on medium-duty trucks. The 0.38-inch poly moldboard is backed with a heavy-duty framework, rather than a full steel back, to avoid corrosion and extend the plow's service life. Snow will not stick to the plow, improving material flow and saving time and fuel. In addition, the product does not require repainting, because the material is impregnated with color, reducing maintenance. Also, it will not rust or crack. Highway Equipment Co. www.pwmag.com/05apr7. Circle 7

Quick-attach plows

The Hitch-N-Run system—available on the company's snow plows—offers fast, easy attachment to your vehicle. To use, approach the snow plow; the tapered design self-aligns the plow with the truck. Then, the latch hooks engage and rotate into position, two plugs and safety latches are attached, and the plow is ready to go. The hydraulic jack stand automatically retracts when the plow lifts. Three control options are available: fingertip, joystick, and touchpad. A variety of blade sizes and configurations are offered. Curtis Tractor Cab Inc. www.pwmag.com/05apr8. Circle 8

Utility plow

The Snowsport utility plow is easy to install: simply attach the front mount to the vehicle, assemble the push frame and push it into the receiver, and hang the plow blade. The product-which can be attached to a variety of vehicles—has no electrical or hydraulic components, and it is easily stored between jobs or during the warm seasons. It features a anodized, extruded aluminum blade, heavy-duty rubber cutting edge, and low profile. It can be used on concrete, asphalt, gravel, or grass surfaces. Agri-Cover Inc. www.pwmag.com/05apr9. Circle 9

Carbide blades

I.C.E. Series plow blades feature individual bullet-shaped solid carbide tips on the edge. The products offer maximum fracture resistance in tough, high-impact conditions. In addition, they provide better fracture resistance than traditional rectangle- and trapezoid-style inserts. They are highly aggressive in hard-packed snow and ice, and they keep deicing materials on the road surface. The blades are suitable for use around imbedded lane markers, rumble strips, excessive cracks and joints, and in high-speed plowing applications. Kennametal Inc. www.pwmag.com/05apr10. Circle 10