Material handlers offer operator comfort

The 835 and 840 D Series purpose-built material handlers were designed with safety and comfort in mind. Features include: a sliding door combined with adjacent catwalk plus small set of stairs and handrails for easy access to the ergonomic cab; upgraded air conditioning with climate control systems; and a centralized under carriage greasing point for easy and safe maintenance. These all-purpose models are available with rubber tires, as crawlers, as pedestal-mounted machines, or as electrically driven machines. Sennebogen LLC.

Electric submersible pump resists corrosive environments

The company's line of electric submersible pumps can be used for clean water, gray water, and corrosive effluent. Featuring float switch technology for automatic start/stop conditions, the stainless steel pumps are fully self-priming and can withstand corrosive environments. Plus, their compact design makes them ideal for tight working areas. They are available in 120 V single-phase or 460 V three-phase configurations. Griffin Pump and Equipment Co.

Keep streets clean and prevent basin loading

The Megawind combination leaf and debris vacuum and catch basin cleaner features an articulated power boom with 180-degree rotation and 200 degrees of hose reach. Equipped with a high-performance vacuum system and large-capacity debris body, the 12-in. leaf and debris hose system handles everything from compacted dirt, gravel, sand, and bulky debris to leaves and other smaller particles found in the street and catch basins. It comes with an optional street sweeper system. Elgin Sweeper.

Refuse vehicle reduces collection times

The MultiTask SM 3-in-1 refuse collection vehicle features a drop-frame chassis configuration and dual side-loading capability that allows operators to collect containers in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic modes. Its newly updated design reduces the collection time for a standard route of residential waste by at least 20% with single-operator capability. Features include a TeleGrop lift arm with 8- to 20-second cycle times and 88-in. reach and ReadyPack, which automatically compacts the payload with every arm cycle. Heil Environmental.

Tip up to 1,000 lbs.

The C/I Taskmaster series of refuse cart lifters is compatible with standard two-bar carts and tilt trucks equipped with lifting bars. C/I Taskmaster lifters may be equipped with casters for mobile use, mounted to loading docks for easy dumping into roll-off refuse containers, or mounted directly onto trash balers or compactors. The three models in the series combine Bayne Taskmaster cylinder lift with rigid steel frames. Lifting capacities of 550, 750, and 1,000 lbs. are offered with cycle times of eight to 10 seconds. Self-lubricating composite bearings at all pivot points eliminate the need for greasing. Bayne Premium Lift Systems.

Electric piston pump: easy maintenance, tough applications

Specially designed for hazardous environments, explosion-proof applications, harsh weather conditions, and remote locations, the Anchor Electric Pump features a powerful electric driver for deep and/or high-pressure applications. Because the top-head-drive, positive-displacement piston pump puts the electric motor and controls outside the well, tank, or sump — not down with the liquid being pumped — inlet clogging is eliminated and maintenance is performed safely and easily above the wellhead. It can be installed at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees, making it ideal for low-flow remediation, landfill leachate, gas-condensate recovery, and gas-well dewatering applications. Blackhawk Technology Co.

Inspection forms for 200 products

The Checker check-list books allow managers to address reporting, documentation, maintenance, servicing, cost control, and compliance for virtually any type of vehicle, piece of equipment, or machine used by infrastructure operations and their customers: from solid waste to groundskeeping to water treatment, from generators and wheel loaders to fire trucks and pickups. Devtra Inc.