Three-component system mixes binder into soft soils to create an acceptable base for parking lots and other construction applications.

The ALLU Stabilization System consists of three components that increase the strength and dynamic stiffness of soft soil in order to improve its engineering characteristics and to remediate contaminated soil. The first component is the ALLU PMX Power Mixer, a versatile hydraulic accessory for excavators that mixes up to 23 feet deep. The second is the ALLU PF Pressure Feeder, which injects the binder agent via hoses into the ground. The third component is the ALLU DAC Data Acquisition Control System, which measures, controls and provides data during the stabilization project. The mass stabilization method used by the ALLU Stabilization System is a quick, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that improves soft soils by mixing binder into clay, peat, mud or dredged sediments in comparison to traditional methods of piling or soil replacement. It can also be used in treatment of contaminated soils by encapsulating contaminants within the ground and preventing migration to the surrounding areas.

The ALLU PMX Power Mixer effectively handles various difficult materials like clay in different forms, peat, sludge, mud and contaminated soil. It penetrates through hard crust layers and mixes the soils effectively based on the intelligent positioning of the drums. The drums rotate and mix material in a controlled way in all three different directions simultaneously, while the conical binder nozzle efficiently spreads binder. The hammers on the mixing drum are changeable and the straight one-piece binder tube is maintenance-friendly. The ALLU PMX Power Mixer is equipped with automatic torque adjustment on the hydraulic motor, gear box temperature indicator and drum rotating speed indicator to ensure effective job site control. The PMX 500 model mixes up to 16.5 feet deep and the PMX 700 model mixes up to 23 feet deep.

Using compressed air, the ALLU PF Pressure Feeder injects the binding agent beneath the ground through a feeding pipe, directly to the middle of the mixing drums on the ALLU PMX Power Mixer. The unit is mounted on a tracked chassis and is remotely controlled allowing the unit to follow behind the lead excavator onto the site. The ALLU PFM Pressure Feeder Mobile, which is used for feeding dry binders, is mounted on a trailer that enables easy transportation from one place to another. This means lower mobilization costs and enables cost-effective stabilization projects on smaller job sites.

The ALLU DAC Data Acquisition Control System measures, controls and reports the feeding operation and enables control of the whole Stabilization System, making it user-friendly, and allows the facility to transfer data onto other computers. Thus, the work done is properly documented for quality control purposes.

The ALLU Stabilization System provides the following benefits:

• Wet site conditions can be overcome
• Disposal of unsuitable soil is not required
• Imports of new material is greatly reduced
• Treated material can be placed under structures
• Site traffic and impact on the environment is reduced
• Low operating costs
• Homogenous mixture, unlike other methods
• A wide variety of strengths are possible
• By-products from industry can be used as raw materials

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