Custom drain markers

Storm Drain Markers are available in natural stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or metal-adhering paint (which prevents erosion into the water). Custom designs are also available. Choose between a one-piece marker with all copy embossed, a UV clear multicolor graphics dome, or a laser-engraved aluminum center disc. The markers are designed with turned-down edges, which protect against theft, snowplow displacement, and destruction. They come with a 30-year warrantee. Almetek Industries.

Small, light sediment filter system

The Jellyfish fine sediment filter system uses a compact device with filtration tentacles to remove more than 85% of fine sediment. Each cartridge contains dozens of hollow tentacles, the largest one weighing less than 50 lbs. when wet. They perform with elevated hydraulic conductivity, allowing three times the flow capacity while only using one-third the footprint and one-fifth the weight of standard filters. Imbrium Systems Inc.

Completely piped peristaltic pump

Ideal for chemical feed applications at water/waste water treatment facilities, these skid systems come complete with a calibration column and all the piping needed for an easy-to-operate and -maintain metering pump system. Unlike skid systems for diaphragm metering pumps, these tubing pump skid systems require minimal ancillary equipment, and don't need: back pressure regulators, de-gassing valves, strainers, pulsation dampeners, or additional piping. Other features include: +/-.5% accuracy, repeatability at 99.5%, 0.1-microliter to 350 gpm flow rates, and up to 30-ft. suction lift. Watson- Marlow Pumps Group.

Get LEED points

The Stormbloc belowground stormwater infiltration and harvesting system is ideal for engineers, contractors, and municipalities seeking the U.S. Green Council's LEED certification or improved Low Impact Development (LID) for stormwater management. It requires no block assembly onsite and has integral inspection tunnels that prevent siltation and blockages. Hydro International.

Biodegradable filter tube

FilterMitt is a 100% biodegradable mulch filter tube made of burlap that eventually blends into the organic inner material, which is ideal for increased sustainability specifications on highway projects. Positioned in the path of stormwater flows along a highway, it filters much of the flow's sedimentation. Phase II Storm water Products Inc.

Continuous pollutant-capturing trap

The Bandalong Litter Trap is made of inert, corrosion-free HDPE and aluminum. The trash-collecting device is placed into waterways and uses the current to capture pollutants before they flow downstream. It operates continuously 365 days/year without the need of mechanical assistance. Storm Water Systems.

Control erosion and vegetation

Enviroflex is an articulating concrete erosion control block used for dam/spillway overflow security, detention/retention basins, and embankments. It also enables vegetation and stormwater infiltration from the openings of the block units. Each block interlocks, reducing the chances of it overturning by removing protruding edges. Soil Retention Products Inc.

Pump handles solids up to 3.38 in.

The 10JSCE Enviroprime Pump provides flows up to 4,400 gal./minute and heads up to 220 ft. The 10-in. automatic priming centrifugal pump handles solids up to 3.38 in. and is ideal for sewer bypass pumping applications, emergency flood response, and other applications requiring transfer of liquids that contain solids. Unlike most automatic priming systems, this pump prevents product blow-by of pumpage, such as sewage and waste, from being discharged onto the ground or through hoses back to the source. Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Easily maintained debris capture system

The LC Storm Debris Capture System uses two components to reduce the flow of drain-clogging debris into local and statewide storm drains. The Drain Screen module is designed for the street side of a storm gutter opening. It is also brushed clean during normal street cleaning and is easily removed. The Street Level Grate Catch Basin is engineered to withstand 125 loads of 125 lbs./cu. ft. It attaches to the Storm Drain Vault interior concrete wall just below the drain's street level opening. LC Storm Debris Capture Systems.

High-efficiency sand media filter

The 36-3 high-flow, high-efficiency sand media filter is designed for all types of general filtration applications in which sediment removal is the primary goal. The unit filters up to 425 gpm while operating at pressures up to 100 psi. The AC- and DC-powered automatic filter backwash controller allows for both timed pressure differential or manual backwash intervals. It may be used as a stand-alone filtration system for dewatering and can clean water prior to offsite discharge as well. Rain For Rent.

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