Attachment on versatile work machine

The comfort and versatility of the Toolcat 5600 utility work machine have attracted public work personnel from across the country to give the machine a try. Pat Dunn, street supervisor for the city of Shoreview, Minn., runs his every day in the summer and three or four days a week in the winter. His crews use the 5600 with angle-broom attachment for clearing trails and paths year-round.

“The Toolcat improves our productivity because we don't have to haul our tools with a separate truck,” said Dunn. “They can all fit on the Toolcat, plus it can carry two people.”

The angle broom—with optional water kit—is one of several attachments available. Others include a wood chipper, stump grinder, snow blower, mowers, snow blades, and grapples. High-flow auxiliary hydraulics (up to 26 gallons per minute) make the attachments easy to handle. The machine comes with a 46-hp diesel engine; a turbocharged 56-hp engine is available. All-wheel steer and four-wheel drive enable it to work through mud and snow, or over turf and grass. Also, with a tight 17-foot outside turn diameter, the vehicle maneuvers easily in confined areas. Other features include dynamic suspension (which adjusts its responsiveness according to the load being carried), top speed of 18 mph, and two-speed hydrostatic drive. Bobcat Co., an Ingersoll-Rand Co. 1.

Pickup-mounted sweeper

The 2200 vacuum parking lot sweeper slides conveniently into the back of a pickup track. Running on a 26-hp engine, the powerful unit has a steel hopper with a capacity of 3 cubic yards. The water system has a 40-gallon polyurethane tank, 40-psi pump, and a total of four spray nozzles. A separate blower and 3-inch hose can be used to blow debris from hard-to-reach places into the sweeping path. Options include high-dump automatic door opener, 60-inch dump height, stainless-steel hopper, inside-truck control panel, and removable leg system. Masco Sweepers. 2.

Small, high-capacity sweeper

The 525HS sweeper offers a hopper with 4-cubic-yard capacity, compact design, 8 mph sweeping speed, and maximum sweep path of 71 inches. The 6 1/2-foot height makes it suitable for cleaning public garages, and the powerful engine enables it to climb up to a 20% grade. Fully articulating brushes and variable-force vacuum enable it to clean a variety of tough-to-handle surfaces. The easy-to-operate sweeper has an intelligent control system, enclosed cab, joystick brush controls, climate control, and optimal forward view. Applied Sweepers Inc. 3.

Waterless sweeper

The waterless Industrial Pelican sweeper has form-fitting skirts around its brooms to eliminate dust. It also has a torturous dust path, twin fans, and a pleated synthetic filter, with in-cab, push-button cleaning. The waterless technology also makes the machine suitable for use in below-freezing temperatures. Also, the three-wheel, rear-steer design offers excellent maneuverability, even in tight spaces. Ground speed reaches up to 20 mph. An optional vacuum hose enables the operator to clean hard-to-reach places. Elgin, a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp. 4.

Sub-compact sweeper

The CN100 is a sub-compact, cost-efficient sweeper that can be used for a variety of surfaces: sidewalks, walkways, alleys, indoor/outdoor parking lots, bike paths, and streets. It offers large capacity, excellent maneuverability, high degree of operator comfort and visibility, and road speed of up to 16 mph. In addition, it has a 40-gallon polyethylene water tank, and a variable sweep path (44 to 89 inches) for easy cleaning of tight or wide areas. Its stainless-steel debris container is resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Johnston Madvac Inc. 5.

Time-saving jig saw

With 8.4 amps, the WSJ 850-EB jig saw is one of the most powerful in its class. The SmartPower system maintains a constant blade speed. Other features include a soft barrel grip, counterbalance that reduces vibration by up to 60%, six-position stroke rate, dust blower, constant “on” button, vacuum attachment, and hands-free blade removal with keyless blade change. The OptiCut action is a combination of a longer blade stroke and active orbital action; it enables the removal of more material on each upward stroke for more aggressive cutting. Hilti Inc. 6.

Toxic gas shut-off system

Eclipse actuators close toxic gas valves on 150-pound and 1-ton cylinders in less than one second when activated by remote sensors. They are “close-only” devices, so the operator must visit the site to determine the problem's cause. The condition can then be fixed, the facility checked, and the valve manually reset before restarting the gas system. The product is battery operated and shutoff can be completed without the operator entering the toxic atmosphere. The chlorine valve can be opened or closed manually. The actuators can be installed on existing standard ton or cylinder hardware and can be tested onsite to ensure correct operation. The latest fire codes recognize and approve the system. Halogen Valve Systems Inc. 7.

Winter storm treatment strategy

STORM Logic is a premium service that provides agencies with a complete winter storm treatment strategy for chemical usage. It suggests proven industry “best practices” for before, during, and after a winter storm. SCAN Cast, a pavement temperature forecast, also is used. The combination allows agencies to determine if snow and ice will freeze to the pavement and, if they do, how much chemical is needed to treat the roadways. The product is easily accessible from home or office because of online ordering. STORM Logic uses weather data from Road/Runway Weather Information Systems. Surface Systems Inc. 8.