The company’s permanent solutions include Director 60 (for edgelines, centerlines, legends, and symbols) and Director 35 (for intersections). Director 60 has a retroflective topcoat and aggressive adhesive that enables the tape to be inlaid or overlaid. Director 35 has a thicker urethane topcoat with skid-resistant ceramic particles that improve traction. Both are available in white and lead-free yellow.

The temporary marking tapes include Director 2 and Director 2WR (for wet night reflectivity). Director 2 is available in two versions. The first has a highly reflective topcoat and is meant to create new markings to reroute traffic; the non-reflective Black-Out version is applied over existing pavement markings and removed when construction is completed.

Visa-Line foil-backed tape has pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive on conformable aluminum backing and adheres by tamping with your foot or driving over in a vehicle. Available in Construction Grade for remote locations when the speed of repairs or assignment of marking crews is impractical and Engineer Grade, which has a thicker matrix and binder system for longer-term temporary applications where higher reflectivity is desired.

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