AUC Group, L.P. (“AUC”), a leading turn-key provider of wastewater treatment plants, signed a lease agreement for the installation of their newly designed Bypass Plant to Harris County Municipal Utility District #6 (“HC MUD 6”), located in Northwest Harris County.

The project is set to begin in April 2017 to maintain wastewater treatment capability while HC MUD 6 performs rehabilitation work to their 750,000 gallons per day (“GPD”) wastewater treatment plant. AUC will provide temporary aeration basins with 300,000 GPD capacity for up to two months.

The AUC Group provides equipment design, manufacturing, installation and a unique leasing program, significantly reducing the upfront capital burden for customers. In addition, AUC owns and maintains a fleet of bypass plants that are portable, modular components prepared to serve temporary wastewater treatment requirements. This allows for major repairs or upgrades to be performed without interrupting wastewater treatment service to the communities. Their latest design supports rapid deployment and demobilization, allowing customers to maintain service and ensure permitted effluent parameters are met.

“Major repairs to existing wastewater treatment plants are extremely difficult, costly and time-sensitive,” says Todd Mueller, President of AUC Group. “Treating the existing flow during their wastewater treatment plant improvements was critical to HC MUD 6. We are thrilled to provide the solution HC MUD 6 needed to avoid having to haul wastewater to an alternate facility, which is expensive and an inefficient use of capital and time.”