The design reduces operating weight by roughly 50 percent compared to traditional hydraulic drills, and it requires less than 20 pounds of force to pivot into digging position. The frame also eliminates torque for safe one-person drilling. Transport the rig using a removable “no tools” towing hitch.

The Towable’s 34-inch width allows it to fit easily through gates and other tight spaces for drilling in locations inaccessible to skid steers and tractors. Its 16-inch semi-pneumatic tires and auger lock make it easy for one person to maneuver the drill around a jobsite and pivot into position without damaging delicate turf or landscapes. For added convenience, the Towable features a two-position handle that rotates 180 degrees to drill near buildings, walls and other structures. Additionally, the drill’s infinitely variable 20-degree auger tilt makes it possible to drill vertically in uneven terrain.

The Towable is compatible with all Little Beaver 36- and 42-inch standard, carbide and rock snap-on augers. The standard auger is ideal for most soil, including soft clay and sandy conditions. For tougher jobs, the carbide tip maneuvers through solid materials such as hard clay or asphalt. Both augers come in 1.5- to 18-inch diameters. A third, heavier-duty auger works best in challenging soils with gravel or small rocks. It’s available in 6- to 16-inch diameters. All three augers feature spring-loaded snap buttons to secure the auger to the drill head, eliminating the need for tools.

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