Two times the display area

The SPEEDsentry Shield provides twice the display area for its 15-in. digits at half the weight of competitive products. The slimmer, trimmer design measures 24x17x3in. and weighs 22 lbs. with battery. All Traffic Solutions.

High-intensity paddle signs

Made with 3M prismatic film, the 18-in. sign provides twice the reflectivity of engineer-grade signs. Text can read “Stop” on one side and “Slow” on the other, or “Stop” on both sides. A 10-in. wooden dowel is included. American Safety Vest, A Div. of Streicker & Co. Inc.

Removable stainless steel bollard

An internal mechanism locks the post with a tamper-proof key, eliminating the vulnerability of an exposed padlock. When the post is removed, a stainless steel flip-top lid falls into place to minimize tripping hazards. Diameters range from 4 in. to 12 in. Cal Pipe Security Bollards.

Solar-powered street, parking lot light

Scheduled for availability in early 2010, the motion-sensing EverGEN 1710 delivers the equivalent illumination of 70 to 200 W high-pressure sodium lighting. It provides Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) Type II, III, IV, and V light distributions. Plus, it meets IES-recommended illumination levels and full-cutoff optics as well as International Dark-Sky Association regulations. Carmanah Technologies Corp.

Stackable footing form tubes

Made from partially recycled HDPE, each 4-ft. tube withstands a 20-ft. liquid head of concrete. The top perimeter's integral radius transitions the form's sides to the top surface so the finished pier is round, smooth, and the same diameter for its entire length. Designed to eliminate friction frost heaving in cold climates, the form can be installed, backfilled, and filled at a future date. An optional top cap keeps dirt, rain, etc., out of the hole before pouring. Can be recycled after use. Ceme-Tube LLC.

‘Smart' traffic flow monitor

Don't let its humble appearance fool you. In addition to a 12 V battery, this barrel contains a computer chip, circuit board, GPS device, radar sensor, and networking capability that transmits traffic speeds over the Internet. Full support leasing is available that includes all costs of communications, servers, and Web-based information delivery. It is approved for U.S. DOT's SafeTrip-21 ITS program. iCone Products LLC.

Dimmable LED post top

Streetworks Generation's house side/street side dimming option reduces the light level on the fixture's 's house side by roughly 40%, while a bi-level switch cuts power in half to satisfy curfew regulations. It provides output comparable to 100 W HID luminaires an and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) Type III and Type V light distributions. The modular light engine can be specified for new installations or purchased separately for retrofit applications. Cooper Lighting ting.

Lithium-powered lights

Weighing half as much as models powered by nickel metal hydride or lead acid batteries, the Solar Eclipse's control circuit prevents over- and under-charging and ensures battery charges regardless off light conditions. They come vailable as A/C, 360-degree, and Type B barricade LED lights; 12-in. LED traffic light; and 6-in.-diameter beacon light. C&C Signal.

400 design possibilities

The Downtown Collection provides early-20th-century design with LED, metal halide or high-pressure sodium, or compact fluorescent lamps. An optional “I.Q. On Board” diagnostic device unobtrusively connects directly to the ballast compartment to visually indicate a malfunction: with the lamp (for HID, linear fluorescent, or incandescent fixtures) or the ballast (with LED fixtures). LED lamps. Beacon Products LLC.

Wireless driver-alert display

When mounted along a route with timed signals, TrafficFlow Manager tells drivers how fast to go to avoid having to stop for a red light. The programmable electronic sign can be connected directly to the signal controller or manually set to display a predetermined speed during specific times of the day or days of the week. It also can be set and controlled remotely using a cellular modem or Ethernet connection. An optional GPS timer receiver ensures synchronization between display and signal controls. Information Display Co.

LED floodlight replacement

Unlike standard wall-pack luminaires, the WWL20-24X2W-XPW-001W floodlight's lens is aligned with the lamp source to minimize glare by redirecting light (see bottom of image). The result is a wide-focused circular beam of around 85 degrees that spreads 157 degrees vertically and 38 degrees horizontally. It runs voltages from 100 to 277 VAC while consuming only 56 W of power. LEDtronics Inc.

Upgradeable LED lighting

Using its MicroEmitter optical system to shape, point, and control the beam of individual clusters of LEDs, the company's street and area, parking garage, and low-mounting-height luminaries offer Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) Type II, III, IV, and V light distributions as well as one-way left, one-way right, and custom configurations. Kim Lighting.

PDA-driven data collection

Designed to work with a department's existing asset management system, Windows Mobile-based AssetTracker stores data in an SQL database for integration with GIS, mapping, and Internet-based systems. Data can be retrieved over Bluetooth or Wifi, exported into ArcGIS, and viewed in Google Earth or Microsoft Mappoint. In addition to a quick inspection mode for verifying that all assets remain in place, the on-device mapping function allows users to verify asset location and enter corrections in locations — such as dense urban areas with high buildings — even with a poor GPS signal. Runs on a GPS-equipped PDA or Smartphone. Linetech Design & Manufacturing Ltd.

Continuous guide rail

Designed to be used with the company's 4-, 6-, and 8-ft. Wave panels, the Safety Rail meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements by providing same-plane upper (for hand guidance) and lower (for canes) rails that accommodate Types A and C warning lights as well as audible information devices. Users can create angles up to 90 degrees (the ADA requires continuous delineation along walkways through angles of at least 45 degrees) and still maintain a continuous rail. Joints are smooth and snag-resistant. Retroreflective sheeting is available in engineer, high-intensity, and diamond grades. It can be filled with sand or secured with sand bags. Plastic Safety Systems Inc.

Solar-powered LED flasher

The 8-in.,129 LED Model SLX-129-24HR flashes 120 times/ minute 24 hours a day. Available in amber and red, it's ideal for installing at separation islands, tunnel portals, bridge abutments, and remote warning locations, or to enhance visibility of unlighted vehicular roadway caution or stop signs and railroad crossings. The rechargeable batteries are field-replaceable. Lumastrobe Warning Lights.

Magnetic LED blanket signs

Powered by four AA batteries, these waterproof reflective signs can be seen for up to 2,500 yds. When folded into its carrying case, the sign fits under the seat or in a tool box. Ms.Carita SafeTruck Inc.

Work zone collaboration software

ConeZONE is a standards-driven design tool that allows city, county, and state agencies, contractors, and engineers to write and coordinate activities with each other. Designed to integrate with the company's SignCAD, SignCAM, and SignTRACK modules, the system selects devices and configurations from state-approved MUTCD Part VI standards and automatically develops traffic control plans according to federal or state standards to safely guide drivers through a potentially hazardous work zone and protect work crews. Planners also can manage stages and phases of multiple projects, as well as track and manage all devices in every active zone. The tool also can calculate the quantity of devices used within a work zone. SignCAD Systems Inc.

Internally illuminated flagger paddle

Visible for up to 1 mile, the Traff-Alert was awarded third place for most innovative product during this year's American Traffic Safety Services Association convention. Powered by a 12 V rechargeable battery that provides up to 12 hours of use, the unit's LEDs lights are inside the paddle so users don't have to worry about the lights breaking or falling off. Each system includes an 18-in. or 24-in. stop/slow paddle, 36-in. switch section, 36-in. battery, and carrying case. Users can order in any grade of retroreflective sheeting. Safeco Industries LLC.

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