Portable microwave traffic counter

The 17-lb. TMS-SA records and stores the date, hour, speed, and length of up to 1 million vehicles, and operates for 500 hours on a single charge of its 6 V lead battery. The unit's Doppler radar automatically adjusts to the direction of traffic moving from 6 to 158 mph. Users set up and download data via Bluetooth wireless technology. IP67 enclosure. International Road Dynamics Inc. www.irdinc.com.

National LED distributor

Relume Technologies' Traffic Control Box LED Light Panel uses LED lights and a 24 V power supply to illuminate terminal blocks and other hardware and will outlast the box. LEDs use the company's patented Silver Circuit technology to minimize the effect of heat generated by the lights; tested and approved by numerous agencies. Other products include streetlights and crosswalk down-lights. Lumecon LLC. www.lumecon.com.

Message board with remote monitoring

Equipped with a day/night camera, the Remote- E V Video Traffic Monitoring System lets users access a live video feed from any Internet-based compute . Users can also control the pan-tilt-zoom came era and change messages displayed on the sign remotely — so drivers can receive early warning a about changes in road conditions, accident alerts, and evacuation routes. Wanco Inc. www.wanco.com.

Signage systems and consulting

The “wayfinding” and environmental design firm provides s consulting and analysis while designing signage systems for municipalities. One example includes a color-coded system that helps travelers know when they are entering and leaving communities in Illinois/Iowa's Quad Cities area, where four cities in two different states run seamlessly into each her. Corbin Design. www.corbindesign.com.

Radar/message trailer

In addition to displaying motorist speeds, the Onsite 400 radar speed trailer features a new one-line, full-matrix scrolling message board capable of displaying nearly 50 pre-programmed and unique messages. Other features include K-Band radar, data collection software, and optional solar panels. Decatur Electronics Inc. www.decaturradar.com.

Trailer-mounted attenuators for shadow vehicles

Designed to absorb collision energy during rear-end impacts, the U-MAD Trailer Mounted Attenuator provides low-cost protection in any short-term work area where highway workers or equipment need the protection of a support vehicle. The attenuator quickly attaches to a standard pintle hook on a support, or shadow, vehicle. It prevents impacting vehicles from under-riding the truck and damaging equipment, and it keeps the impacting vehicle and support vehicle in the travel lane — even after angle impacts. Two styles are available: TL-2 with a 45-mph capacity and TL-3 with a 62-mph capacity. Barrier Systems Inc. www.barriersystemsinc.com.

Secure communication with traffic-management devices

The StrongPoint security appliance incorporates patented device-recognition technology to create a secure, virtual-network layer connection between traffic- management systems and communications networks. Featuring “plug-and-play” installation, the appliance requires no field PC or in-the-field device configuration, and has no passwords or keys to manage. Other features include: cross-platform compatibility with any operating system and field-control hardware; network intrusion detection, location, and notification. Econolite. www.econolite.com.

Light poles with anti-graffiti coating

The company fabricates custom-length, powder-coated light poles with an optional anti-graffiti coating that protects the metal and allows maintenance crews to remove taggings with a simple wipe of mineral spirits. The company can also e-coat and/or powder coat any metal product, including road mesh, playground equipment, and concrete reinforcements. B.L. Downey Co. LLC. www.bldowney.com.

Barrier absorbs 1 million+ ft.-lbs. of energy

The VLR Resistance Barrier can stop even heavy or high-speed vehicles at safe, low G-forces that won't deploy air-bags, and be fully operational again within 20 minutes. The barrier system is ideal for HOV and reversible lane access ramps, emergency egress access control, and movable bridges. Stopping capacity and distance are adjustable and can be set to adapt to installation parameters. B&B Roadway. www.bbroadway.com.

Uniform, modular speed bumps

Made of interlocking modular units, these flat-topped speed humps can accommodate any road width and cross section profile. Plus, the rubber speed tables can be moved for road resurfacing and reinstalled when work is done. Traffic Logix. www.trafficlogix.com.

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