Stimulus funds tempt new vendors

Whether they make fixtures or controls, suppliers not traditionally associated with the government market are chasing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 monies dedicated to helping cities, counties, and states use less electricity. LED streetlight installations are up 42% over last year, according to Pike Research.

To name just three: Germany's Hella Group, a huge supplier of aftermarket automotive lighting, is shipping parts from overseas to be assembled in the United States.

Optoma Technology Inc., a division of Taiwan's Coretronic Corp., makes digital display and home entertainment products. Having just formed a division focused on LED lighting, Optoma is accepting applications to test its LED streetlights. Call Ralph Merrem at 510-897-8510, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Formed in 2004, Hong Kong-based Luminous Media Group of Companies Ltd. is known primarily for electroluminescent billboards and posters. At Intertraffic Amsterdam in March, its Elumin8 division introduced self-illuminating signs (see page 53) based on the same technology — light guide plate (LGP) — that light iPads and LED LCD televisions. The products are made in Asia “under the management of a team of Western specialists.”

20% brighter than anodized reflectors

Based on Philips Lumec's CosmoPolis metal halide HID (high-intensity discharge) lamp/ballast system, the Furyo's control gear and lamp compartment are separate to lengthen the electronic ballast's service life. Constructed with a self-cleaning protector made from tempered glass and sealed to the body and optical compartment, the luminaire's multilayer reflectors dramatically increase luminance. The lamp can be accessed from the front without tools. Schreder Lighting LLC.

Fluorescent orange roll-up signs

The 1 15-oz. vinyl sign comes in 36- or36 48-in. squares. Standard and custom legends, ribs, and stands are also available. American Safety Vest.

100+ lumen-per-watt LED luminaire

The 304 Series can be surface-mounted or, as shown here at the Milwaukee Area Technical College, pendant-mounted within an architecturally recessed ceiling. A two-level dimming option conserves energy further. BetaLED, a div. of Ruud Lighting.

No grates, screens, or debris control required

Rated for 50,000 hours with 70% lumen maintenance at 95° F ambient temperatures, the Aurora LED parking garage luminaire mounts flush to ceilings without supports. The radial-pattern, individually lensed, no-aim lights are available in 32, 40, 48, and 80 W in cool, neutral, or warm white. Though the fixture is certified by CSA International for wet locations and sealed to IP65 standards inside a pull-out aluminum tray, the housing and end caps can be powder-coated for extra protection. Manufactured in the United States. Beacon Products LLC.

2 2-in. speed display

The radar-equipped 48x60-in. sign detects vehicles from up to 1,500 ft. away, giving drivers plenty of time to slow down. Users can wirelessly program speed thresholds, display modes, operation schedules, and speed date collection. The self-contained system is easy to remove for repair. Available with AC and solar power options. 3M Traffic Safety Systems.

Remote asset management

Update messages, gather/analyze traffic data, retrieve images, and automate reports for radar speed and variable message signs on a virtual map of your community from any Internet-connected computer. Subscribe to the company's online interface for signs your operation owns, or roll the cost of new signs into a monthly subscription. Damage repairs and replacement parts get a 50% discount. All Traffic Solutions.

Internally lit signs

By incorporating LGP (light guide plate), the same technology that illuminates LED LCD televisions and mobile phones, these LED signs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. They're made with 3M retroreflective films. Solar-powered or solar-assisted options available for off-grid locations. Elumin8 Ltd., a subsidiary of the Luminous Media Group of Companies.

Evaluates hard-to-access infrastructure

The Wireless Echo's transducer sends forensic data about bridges, buildings, and tunnels to a computer up to 300 miles away. The system includes two fireman's radios for continuous audio communication between the two-person test team. Impact-Echo Instruments LLC.

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