Variable-message sign

The Mobile Messenger sign is a 6x4-foot unit that is durable, weather-resistant, and attractive. The trailer lets the sign be raised up to 7 feet with a footprint of approximately 5 feet wide, which enables users to meet MUTCD requirements in situations where roadside space is limited. Operators can enter and store up to 50 messages or graphics, and present up to six screens in one instance. Because the sign is Bluetooth-enabled, it can be programmed and monitored with a PDA. All Traffic Solutions.

Surface-mount channelizer posts

FG 300 channelizer posts help properly direct traffic and reduce the risk of accidents. The highly visible posts clearly delineate driving lanes with bright colors and reflective sheeting. Three grades of posts are available to fit varying durability needs, and all are compatible with the company's post bases. The posts are easy to install and replace, able to withstand extreme heat and cold, highly impact resistant, and they conform to MUTCD and NCHRP 350 standards. Davidson Traffic Control Products.

LED traffic signals

This line of LED traffic signals features improved optics for an expanded-view radiation pattern, suitable for span-wire and steep-grade applications, and uniform non-pixilated illumination. The turn-on/turn-off time is quick—less than 75 milliseconds—and the signals' failed-state impedance exceeds 250,000 ohms within 300 milliseconds. The line of ITE-compliant signals comes in red, yellow, and green balls and arrows, and in countdown and hand-and-person pedestrian signals. Dialight PLC.

In-pavement lights

The company's in-pavement lights feature high-input, flashing LEDs, embedded in pavement to create highly conspicuous pedestrian crossings. The lights are visible in all lighting and weather conditions, alerting drivers far in advance that pedestrian traffic is present. The solar-powered lights do not require a separate power source, so they can be installed at nearly any location for a lower cost than grid-wired products. The lights can be combined with the company's blinking LED signs. TAPCO –Traffic & Parking Control Co. Inc.

Solar arrow boards

Eclipse solar flashing arrow boards come with efficient LED lamps and in 15- or 20-light configurations. The energy-efficient products can run unattended for months, with self-regulating solar panels that charge heavy-duty, deep-cycle batteries for quiet, dependable performance. The sign board lowers for convenient towing and is available with trailer-mounted or retrofit configurations. A low-voltage warning light—visible in drive-by inspections—indicates when batteries need recharging. Choose from LED or halogen lamps; either can be replaced easily. Allmand Bros. Inc.

Vertical barricade

The Verticalcade traffic barricade is a space-efficient product with a plastic and rubber design. It can be used on city streets, highways, crosswalks, parking facilities, or other locations requiring durable temporary barricades. It has an easy-to-grip handle and a molded rubber base. The compact product stores in 3½ feet of space and can be stacked easily, with or without the base in place. The panel, made of low-density polyethylene, comes in orange or white, and it can be customized for various traffic situations. Hall Signs.