This mobile vacuum is specifically designed to pick up blown trash, which as we both know is a nuisance on city streets, stadiums and at landfills. The Trash Vac is an integrated attachment to a Bob Cat Brand Tool Cat Utility Work Machine and can handle the most rugged of terrain. The Trash Vac is capable of picking up small items, even down to confetti and is ideal for plastic trash sacks and empty water bottles.

The system has been developed for than operator to make the labor intensive job of collecting blowing trash and waste at landfills, sporting events, tailgating venues, and the like - a much easier, more efficient and less costly endeavor. The chassis of the unit is a Bob Cat Tool Cat Utility Work Machine. The Trash Vac attachment has an articulating free arm integrated into the safety and control systems of the unit. It has a 10 foot arm reach, 4.5' vertical range with 180 degrees of movement left or right using a simple joystick operator controlled handle.

The unit is a one-man operation with a 4 cu. yd. capacity bed with a hydraulic dumping system. The Tool Cat can be ordered with a heat and air conditioned cab for operator comfort and all necessary safety features including back up alarms, safety signals and head lights. The Trash Vac can also be equipped with an integrated blower for trash or snow removal.

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