Grabbing attachment for tree, plant removal

The Super Jawz grabbing tool makes removing invasive plants, unwanted trees, fence posts, boulders, and other hard-to-move objects simple. The attachment features a 10,000-lb. lifting capacity and an opening of 58 in. at the tips that is ideal for use on large wheel loaders and excavators. StarHill Solutions Inc.

Turf rakes lift stones in one pass

Barber Turf Rakes lift stones and debris in one pass, leaving soil aerated and graded, reducing labor costs, and readying soil for overseeding or other site preparation requirements. Towed and powered by a tractor, the rake uses a moldboard to level the ground before the hundreds of tines (mounted in offset rows) rake through the graded soil. Stones and debris are deposited onto a conveyer and then dropped into a hopper that can hold 3,800 lbs. of material. One rake can prepare as much as three acres every hour. H. Barber & Sons.

All-terrain tree trimmer with safety cab

The company's All-Terrain Tree Trimmer now features a ROPS-, FOPS-, and OPS-certified cab that's fully enclosed with temperature control and tinted lexan windows that prevent distortion and provide a clear view of operations. The unit also provides operators with 360-degree range of motion, 40-degree lateral tilt, and 75-ft. cutting height. Jarraff Industries Inc.

Animal-safe live trap

Safe and easy to use, this trap can be set with one hand. The set and release mechanism on the top of the trap limits interaction with the captured animal. Its animal-safe design features rolled metal edges and snug-fitting doors to eliminate sharp surfaces and gaps that could injure animals. Forestry Suppliers Inc.

Stand-on mower

Equipped with a platform suspension system for smooth rides over rough terrain, the Toro GrandStand stand-on mower has a large, retractable platform that allows operation from both stand-on and walk-behind positions to accommodate slopes and obstacles. Other features include an anti-fatigue rubber mat with nonslip surface, twin-lever steering controls, and the company's Turbo Force cutting deck with adjustable baffle for fine-tuned cutting. The Toro Co.

Tree shears with 110-degree rotation

Timberline Tree Shears can rotate up to 110 degrees after the cut to serve as a grapple to lift, wrangle, and carry the fallen tree. They also cut the fallen tree into load- or firewood-size pieces with ease. A pin-style mount or universal coupler is used to attach the shears to existing tractors, skidsteers, or mini-excavators. Two models are available: The HTC-14 shears trees up to 14 in. in diameter in a single pass and the TBL-1000 shears up to 10-in.-diameter trees. Sidney Manufacturing Co. LLC.

Trim and surrounds mower

The upgraded 2653B Trim & Surrounds Mower includes the following improvements: A traction system that provides flow equally to each wheel motor for reduced slippage and improved uphill climbing; a redesigned operator station with easier access to operator controls, better access on and off the machine, and 4 in. of additional leg room; a onepiece hood design with full access to the engine; and on-board diagnosis with the company's WhiteBox controller and siton-seat diagnostics. Two choices of cutting units are available: 26- or 30-in. John Deere Construction & Forestry.

Compact track loader

The 99.5-hp Terex ASV PT-100 compact track loader combines the company's Posi-Track suspended undercarriage technology with suspension to maximize traction and flotation and provide the most comfortable ride possible. The machine uses 42 wheels in its undercarriage to spread its weight over the entire length and width of its 18-in.-wide rubber tracks, so its 10,150-lb. operating weight is distributed down to 3.8 lbs./ sq. in. of ground pressure — less ground pressure than that of a person on foot. Terex.

Web-based tool for erosion control

Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3) is a Web-based design and product selection tool that enables users to quickly and easily access engineering and agronomic assistance for erosion and sediment control. The software program integrates hydraulically applied and rolled erosion-control products, sediment retention fiber rolls, and prescriptive agronomic formulations to develop control site solutions. Profile Products LLC.

Steel track undercarriage for slippery terrains

The FTX148-L track carrier is now available with single- or triple-grouser steel track undercarriages for easy maneuvering on slopes and slippery terrain. It weighs 19,400 lbs. with the company's BH85 Bull Hog Brush Cutter, and is ideal for land clearing, site prep, clearing rights of ways, park trails, firebreaks, and vegetation management. Fecon Inc.

Walk-behind trenchers

The gas-powered TRX-15 and TRX-19 tracked walk-behind trenchers feature operator-friendly controls that make the machines easier to learn and operate than typical wheeled trenchers. The low-profile tracked design provides a low center of gravity and a large footprint for increased stability on side hills and smooth operation in uneven terrain. Plus, the tracks help operators maneuver over perpendicular trenches effortlessly. The Toro Co.

Compact tractor

Designed for landscaping, light construction, and utility work, the DK75 features a 75-hp, 268.5-cu.-in. turbo-charged diesel engine that is mounted to a fully synchronized transmission with 12 gears, making it one of the company's most powerful tractors. Its Category II, three-point hitch with stabilizers and telescoping ends make implement attachment quick and easy. Plus, the fully enclosed cab features high visibility, temperature control, deluxe suspension seat, power steering and tilt wheel, and optional radio/CD player. Kioti Tractor Division Daedong-USA Inc.

Geo-environment and landscape book

Geo-Environment and Landscape Evolution III contains papers presented at the Third International Conference on Evaluation, Simulation, Management, and Remediation of the Geological Environment Landscape in The New Forest, U.K. The publisher says the book is geared for multidisciplinary researchers, practitioners, and government employees interested in the geological environment — including geologists, civil engineers, forest and agricultural engineers, and local planners. WIT Press.

Sports field sprinkler

The M-125 is a long-throw sports field sprinkler designed to syringe synthetic and natural turf. Features include a 4-in. pop-up height and opposing nozzles for uniform coverage. Most importantly for synthetic turf, through-the-top servicing eliminates the need to cut apart a field surface to access the sprinkler's internal mechanism. With the valve-in-hand option, the sprinkler accepts two-wire decoders used in the company's 2Wire control systems so all valves can be connected to the central irrigation controller. Underhill International.

Brush cutter tractor

The four-wheel-drive Geo-Boy features an articulated undercarriage for precise control and movement, as well as low ground pressure rating. An ergonomically designed cab puts all controls within reach of the operator. Equipped with a Fecon cutterhead, the machine shreds and clears brush, undergrowth, whole trees, and more, providing cutting and clearing power for all site prep and land clearing operations. Two engine options are available: 200 hp and 250 hp. Jarraff Industries Inc.

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