The VMax W3000 high-performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) is a machine-produced mat of 100% UV stabilized high denier poly yarns woven into permanent, high strength three-dimensional turf reinforcement matting. The mat consists of a woven bottom layer integrally interlaced into a woven corrugated middle layer, with poly tendons on the top side spanning the entire machine direction.

The mat is designed to provide sufficient thickness, optimum open area and three-dimensionality for effective erosion control and vegetation reinforcement against high flow induced shear forces. The mat has high tensile strength providing excellent damage resistance and increased bearing capacity of vegetated soils subject to heavy loads from maintenance equipment and other vehicular traffic. The corrugated structure provides a highly frictional surface to prevent sod slippage when sod is installed over the mat. When used as surface protection without sod overlay, the corrugated structure encapsulates the seed and soil in place while promoting self-soil-infilling of the system.

Tensar International Corp.

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