Clark Solutions' Huba 210 Series Vortex Flow Transmitter is designed for water and water/glycol based heat exchange and hydronic systems.

Available with or without a 1000 Ohm RTD temperature sensor and with no moving parts, 210 Series Transmitters are excellent choices for OEM applications monitoring fluids with flow ranges from 0.9 to 150 liters per minute. These transmitters provide < 1% fs accuracy and are available for pipe sizes from 1/4" to 1.0". The 210 Series Transmitters are easily inserted, or removed from piping systems for servicing or replacement.

The flow sensors feature a response time of 100 ms and an accuracy of 1% fs of measured value. The 210 Series Sensors are equipped with increased range of power supply and output signals (frequency 0-10 V or analog 4-20 mA). With no moving parts the flow sensor is not sensitive to debris, has marginal pressure loss, and high accuracy.

These vortex-shedding flow meters determine the flow in a pipe using an obstruction/bluff in the flow meter body and monitoring alternating vortices are formed on each side of the bluff body and travel downstream.

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