Increased pressure capability

Stress Saver XP gaskets allow pump, valve, and other connections to withstand the same pressure as the Corzan chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) piping systems in which they are installed. As a result, the flanged joints are no longer limited to the 150-psi rating of typical CPVC flanges. Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61, the gaskets feature raised, molded-in rings that seal with 75% less surface contact and lower seating stress than expanded or specialty polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gaskets, making them ideal for nonmetallic flanges. The Corzan high-pressure flange kit includes installation hardware and a specially designed backing ring that allows more torque on the bolts without damaging the CPVC flange. The assembled flanged systems meet the pressure bearing requirements of ASTM F1970. Garlock Sealing Technologies. www.garlock.com.

Protect employees from bad air

The wall-mounted Gasgard XL controller accepts up to eight remote sensors to monitor toxic and combustible gases as well as oxygen deficiency. MSA. www.msanorthamerica.com.

Meet nitrogen standards with smaller footprint

The PuraM is available for small flow applications using an enhanced air scour flat plate design. It is available in a range of mobile prefabricated carbon steel or stainless steel tank configurations capable of treating flows from 7,000 to 125,000 gpd or in concrete tanks for applications in excess of 1 mgd. The PuraM system uses ultra-filtration membrane technology to achieve high quality effluent that meets water reuse and stringent total nitrogen standards within a reduced overall footprint. It is designed for the decentralized municipal and community markets that require greater reliability, reduced operational input through extended periods between chemical cleans, and ease of maintenance. Bord na Mona Environmental Products, U.S. Inc. www.bnm-us.com.

Less aggressive cleaning for new UF system

The family of ZeeWeed UF products now includes the ZeeWeed 1500, which is rapidly installed for water treatment, tertiary filtration, and pretreatment for brackish and seawater desalination. It is available for small- and medium-sized packaged and custom designs for municipal and industrial plants. Its low-fouling PVDF membrane chemistry offers lower frequency and less aggressive cleaning, and the outside-in filtration process provides uniform flow distribution and solids loading with no blocked fibers. It also offers a simple rack design with on-rack inspection capability and the ability to retrofit other outside-in UF and MF systems. GE Water. www.gewater.com.

Liquid liner forms flexible barrier

Protecto Liner 1350 is an industrial organic polyurethane that cures to form an elastomeric membrane that's impermeable to water and m any aqueous alkaline or acid compositions. It guards against corrosion and prevents the intrusion of water while serving as a flexible barrier against vapor and moisture. It can be applied by squeegee or trowel, rolled on, or sprayed on. It meets NSF standard 61 for potable water containment and may be used in wastewater and secondary chemical containment. It also meets or exceeds federal and state requirements for limiting VOCs. Protecto Wrap Co. www.protectowrap.com.

Pipe alternative for underground wastewater

The Contactor 100 low-profile chamber for underground wastewater management serves as an alternative to concrete galleries and conventional pipe and stone systems. Contactor chambers often are used for septic installations with depth restrictions. It is manufactured with an open bottom, integrally formed end walls, and perforated sidewalls and it features an overlapping rib connection for easy installation and a stronger connection between chambers. The chambers are lightweight and constructed of HDPE for greater chemical resistance. Cultec. www.cultec.com.

Process nearly 60 mgd

The Channel Monster XD 3.0 is one of the largest sewage grinders on the market at 13 ft. tall and 9,300 lbs. It produces 7 tons of cutting force at peak loads and combines rotating screening drums and a Muffin Monster grinder to shred solids while processing up to 59 mgd. The grinder is ideal for pump stations since the grinder shreds rags, plastics, wood, and trash so particles flow easily through pumps and pipelines. It has a 15-hp grinder with 3-in. hex drive shafts and stainless steel coil drums, allowing the grinder to process heavy debris. JWC Environmental. www.jwce.com.

Variety of colored marking tape

Every necessary marking product for construction and maintenance of public utilities is available: marking flags, underground tape, barricade tape, and traffic cones. All APWA colors are presented. If custom printing or industry messages are required, order turnaround will be completed within 10 days. Blackburn Manufacturing. www.blackburnflag.com.

Fewer element change outs

The Pureflex Series filter cartridges are available for a wide range of applications. The PF-200AB and PFN-200 absolute and nominal pleated polypropylene filter cartridges are a line of high-efficiency chemical- and bacteria-resistant filters. Operating with 99.98% efficiency at a stated Beta 5000 micron size, they come in 2.2-, 2.5-, and 2.75-in. diameters. Manufactured with Silicone, Buna-N, Neoprene and Viton gaskets, and o-rings, they operate with high-dirt holding capacity. The Pureflex Max Series PF-300AB cartridges, available in 3.7-in. diameters, operate at 99.98% efficiency. A 100% polypropylene media runs the full length of the cartridge. They have a cartridge life four times longer than 2.5-in. cartridges. The PF-600AB is the largest in the series with a 6- or 6.5-in. diameter. It operates at 99.98% efficiency rating and has 20 to 40 times fewer element change outs than comparable standard diameter models. Pentair Industrial. www.pentairindustrial.com.

Chlorine analyzer eliminates sample conditioning

The Model TCA-22 is a total chlorine analyzer designed for use in drinking water and wastewater applications for samples containing chlorine in the range of 0 to 20 ppm. It features a built-in pH sensor that automatically compensates for samples with a 4- to 12-pH concentration, eliminating the need for expensive sample conditioning systems with consumable reagents to control the pH level in the solution. The sensor measures all chlorine species in the water. The TCA-22 maintains the optimum flow by the sensor over a wide range of incoming sample flow rates from 10 to 80 gal./hour. It operates over a wide temperature range (32º to 113º F) as well. Its built-in C22 analyzer allows either total chlorine or pH to be displayed graphically, and user-defined ranges allow easy trend analysis of either parameter. Electro-Chemical Devices. www.ecdi.com.