High-volume pumps

The Dri-Prime line of pumps includes four models that offer elevated heads. They can handle solids without sacrificing high-volume pumping. The four units—the 4-inch CD103M, 6-inch CD160M, 8-inch CD225M, and 12-inch CD300M—handle flows from 300 to 6000 gallons per minute, and they are suitable for municipal lift station applications, thanks to the ability to achieve heads from 145 to 300 feet and handle solids from 3 to 3¾ inches in diameter. They also can be used for process or stormwater sewer bypass pumping. Godwin Pumps. www.pwmag.com/05octl.

Open-hopper pump

This open-hopper pump is capable of transporting dewatered sludge cake. It can handle municipal sludge with more than 50% solids. The BHTE design uses a feed auger that operates apart from the pump rotor shaft, enabling it to operate concentrically. The design reduces bridging inside the pump because the auger completely cleans the casing walls. In addition, it feeds the pumping elements in a more positive manner than augers that rotate eccentrically. Seepex Inc. www.pwmag.com/05oct2.

High-efficiency submersible pumps

N-Pumps feature a hydraulic design that provides efficient, reliable pumping over long periods of continuous operation. The impeller design enables each unit to maintain pumping efficiency even when pumping fluids with high solids and fibrous content. The semi-open, self-cleaning impeller reduces the risk of clogging with the ability to maintain unobstructed impeller-vane leading edges. The pumps can be used in a range of applications, including waste-water and raw-water pumping, cooling water, sludge handling, and stormwater handling. They also offer reduced energy consumption. ITT Flygt. www.pwmag.com/05oct3.

Submersible grinder pumps

These pumps have a grinding mechanism that reduce sewage particulate and pumps the resulting slurry through small-pressure sewer collection lines, or from lift stations in gravity sewer systems. The units—in sizes from 1 to 7½ hp— feature a “star-cutter” design that provides consistent cutting for the duration of the pump's life. Each also features cool operation, finned cast-iron housing, oil-filled motor, and Class F insulation, extending the pump's service life. Also, an optional bi-directional reversing feature enables the cutter to operate and cut in the reverse direction during each alternate cycle. Zoeller Engineered Products Co. www.pwmag.com/05oct4.

Quiet-running pump

The PA6C60-4045T-ESP pump features sound attenuation, environmental containment base, and high performance. It provides flow rates up to 2850 gallons per minute, heads up to 200 feet, and can handle 3-inch solids. It can run dry indefinitely without suffering damage. The base contains all fuel and engine liquids, which otherwise could leak directly onto the ground in the event of an accident. The pump is designed for use in sewer bypass operations, or other applications requiring sound attenuation. The Gorman-Rupp Co. www.pwmag.com/05oct5.

High-solids pump

The 2000 CC pump features a sealed-gear universal joint drivetrain and optimized rotor/stator pumping element geometry. The pump is suitable for applications calling for close-coupled configuration and the robustness of a gear joint drive. The unit is designed for efficient transfer of abrasive material with high solids content. The rotor/stator pumping elements consume less energy and lower the potential for plugging and costly downtime. All of the pump's internal components can be interchanged with those of other pumps in the 2000 family, making replacement parts management easy and economical. Moyno Inc. www.pwmag.com/05oct6.

Heavy-duty pumps

CHOPX Series rugged pumps simultaneously chop and pump solids, eliminating the need for grinders and comminutors. The impeller has cutting edges on the front and back to permit the reduction of solids passing through the pump while eliminating clogs due to solids buildup. Users can add a disintegrator blade at the inlet to further assist solids breakup. Two- and four-blade impellers are available, and the pumps come in a range of materials, including Ni-Hard, high-chrome iron, and hardened alloy steels for optimal abrasion resistance. Hayward Gordon Ltd. www.pwmag.com/05oct7.

Self-priming chopper pumps

The company has released two high-volume, self-priming chopper pumps. The 8- and 10-inch units are capable of flows up to 6000 gallons per minute, at up to 70% efficiency, with a 22-foot priming lift. Features include replaceable volutes, externally adjustable clearances, oversized inlets, and a tungsten-carbide cartridge mechanical seal. The pumps produce a higher volume output and higher re-prime lift than standard equivalent-sized solids-handling self-primers. The same design is used on the company's other 8- and 10-inch pumps, making it easy to stock replacement components. Vaughan Co. Inc. www.pwmag.com/05oct8.

Magnetic-drive pump

Webster R Series magnetic drive pumps feature all-plastic construction, ensuring process fluid never comes in contact with metal, so that the pump never fails due to rust or corrosion. The pumps are designed to endure aggressive, demanding use. The design includes heavy-duty, thick-walled, glass-reinforced polypropylene body construction; rugged, epoxy-painted motors; and a PPS bushing design to help guard against premature heat damage, should the pump run dry or be operated against a closed valve. They come with single- or three-phase motors, from ½ to 5 hp. Hayward Flow Control Systems. www.pwmag.com/05oct9.

Vertical turbine pump

Vertical turbine solids-handling pumps have a single-sump, set-well design that eliminates the need for additional dry-sump, suction piping, dehumidification, and sump pumps, reducing costs. They can be used in sewage and raw-water lift stations, in applications that require a high degree of reliability, zero clogging, and resistance to wear and downtime maintenance. The non-clogging impellers are designed with blunt, well-rounded leading vanes and a thick hydrofoil shape to ensure passage of large solids. Fairbanks Morse Pump. www.pwmag.com/05oct10.