The Water Environment Federation (WEF) Marketplace is a separate portal that links to WEF’s established e-commerce site. signed to be customer-friendly and efficient, the new marketplace provides access to WEF books and training materials while enabling users to order, customize, and print a growing selection of products.

The launch includes a selection of WATER’S WORTH IT merchandise (t-shirts, water bottles, beer glasses, umbrellas, and pull-up banners) and WEF products (fats, oils, and greases bill stuffer). Going forward, WEF intends to optimize the service for WEF members and other users by seeking their feedback about the system’s functionality and new types of inventoried and print-on-demand items. This information is an essential component of the product line expansion and storefront build-out into 2019. Current plans include additional products for WATER’S WORTH IT, public education, WEF membership, and the Utility of the Future Today Recognition Program.

In addition to the new marketplace and merchandise line, the WATER’S WORTH IT campaign also offers a complete toolkit of free, high-impact resources designed to help you be a more effective water communicator. Resources include a suite of fact sheets, social media graphics, full- and half-page ads, logos, and the Why Water’s Worth It video PSA.

Click here, to visit the new site.

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