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Road-safe deicer

Carbohydrate-based Ice B'Gone II, when added to road salt, lowers the material's working temperature, allows longer working time, and reduces corrosion. It enables salt to stay on the road longer, and it can be applied prior to a storm event to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement. Sears Ecological Applications Co. LLC.

All-purpose snow/ice control

The 3-N-1 unit can dispense granular material, pre-wetted material, or liquid deicer from one platform. An array of variable-displacement nozzles for liquid deicer, and a variable-displacement orifice for pre-wetting, can be controlled on the fly for optimal response to existing road conditions. Other features include a completely enclosed cabinet that houses all pumps, valves, flow meters, and an auger drive for long component life. Henderson Manufacturing Inc.

Snow buckets

SNO buckets are made of lightweight, high-strength alloy steel, so they can carry large quantities of snow with each pass. Operators can dig and load packed snow, even old piles with heavy ice concentrations. As a result, the buckets offer better snow-removal performance than standard loader buckets. Rockland Manufacturing Co.

In-pavement deicing

Micro-FAST in-road anti-icing systems are suitable for bridge decks, tunnels, garages, and other troublesome surfaces. Installation is easy—there's no need for mounted hardware or core drilling, which also lowers setup and maintenance costs. Each strip of tubing and spray heads covers about 1300 lane/ft. of roadway. Boschung America LLC.

Storage structures

These buildings—suitable for storing salt, sand, and other winter-fighting materials and equipment—feature square steel tube rafters, which are stronger than round. The covering polyethylene fabric is 14 oz./yd.2, which is tougher than the industry-standard 12 oz. Each structure is designed to be used with a precast concrete foundation. Choose from a variety of UV-stable fabric colors. Accu-Steel Buildings Inc.

Expandable plow blade

The XLS lets a plow driver expand blade length and reconfigure plowing positions without leaving the comfort of the truck cab. Switch from an 8-ft. retracted straight-blade width, to a 10-ft. expanded width, to a scoop width of nearly 9 ft. The blade can be fully angled while in the scoop position for optimal handling and snow capacity. Also, the plow features a trip edge that holds onto the load when it hits an obstacle. Fisher Engineering.

Liquid deicer

Caliber M1000 is derived from corn and contains 30% magnesium chloride. As a pre-wetting agent for salt or sand, it reduces scattering, increases melting capacity, and lets the operator use salt at lower temperatures. The material also can be applied ahead of a storm event to prevent snow/ice bonding, or it can be used by itself on snow and ice. Glacial Technologies.

Modular spreaders

The Stratos spreader offers a modular design, ability to accommodate different chassis, and choice of belt or auger distribution. Each unit provides thorough mixing and an accurate, even spread pattern. The spreader is easy to operate—even in harsh conditions—with simple, multifunctional buttons and knobs. Display icons on the control boxes are intuitive and can be read at a glance. Schmidt Automotive North America Corp.

Bucket attachments

These snow buckets attach to the company's skidsteers. Choose from bucket widths of 74 to 100 in. The high back makes the units ideal for pushing light materials, while the straight sides make it easy to penetrate packed snow and mulch. Each bucket has a replaceable bolt-on cutting edge, designed to extend bucket life. Ingersoll Rand.

Automatic brine maker

The ABS-1500 automatic batch system can continuously produce salt brine from a mixture of granular salt and standard tap water. The product can output up to 4000 gal. of brine/hour. The two-speed pumping station is used for continuous recirculation while the tap water is being introduced into the mixing tank, pumping the solution into a storage tank or filling truck-mounted tanks. Snow Equipment Sales, div. of GVM Inc.