Flexible pavement

Drivable Grass pavement is made of poly-reinforced concrete and designed to flex and conform to irregular ground surface contours. Pre-manufactured holes and cracks allow for root penetration through the mat, which enables permeability, flexibility, and plantability. The system is designed for areas where a permeable, vegetated vehicle access or parking surface is required. Soil Retention Systems Inc. www.soilretention.com.Circle 1.

Durable excavator

The 8-ton KX080-3 features 14,660 pounds of bucket breakout force and can dig to depths of 15 feet. The machine includes twin auxiliary hydraulics with adjustable oil flow of up to 26 gallons per minute. Additional features include load-sensing hydraulics, tight tailswing, anti-theft protection, electric refueling pump, and auto-downshift travel motors. Kubota Tractor Corp. www.kubota.com.Circle 2.

Sturdy drain filter

The TerraGuard rapid-flow curb drain filter is designed with multiple flow channels that allow water to flow from all directions while leaving soil and debris behind. This flexible tube—containing lightweight, plastic rocks encapsulated in a high-strength knitted fabric—has five times the flow rate of gravel and is tough enough to withstand heavy wheel loads. Customizable in many lengths and diameters, the filter comes with pre-engineered weight belts that can be filled onsite. Hanes Geo Components. www.hanesgeo.com.Circle 3.

Automatic scrubber

The Striker walk-behind, battery-powered scrubber's articulated steering system improves handling and maneuverability. It provides complete cleaning and water pickup and holds twice as much water as similar machines, which reduces time spent filling and emptying tanks and shortens completion time on jobs. Its chemical scrubbing technology extends scrub time up to 400%. The wide four-wheeled base provides traction and stability. Mastercraft Industries. www.mastercraftusa.com.Circle 4.

Silo mortar mixers

The SM1200 and SM2000 Champion silo mixers boast capacities of 12 cubic feet and 20 cubic feet, respectively. Designed for jobs where mortar, grout, plaster, and color mixes are supplied in pre-blended bulk bags, the mixers feature adjustable legs, which one person can adjust to fit under any size silo. Stone Construction Equipment Inc. www.stone-equip.com.Circle 5.

Breathable work glove

The redesigned Atlas 330 Re-Grip gloves feature an additional layer of latex in the thumb crotch and another layer of latex over the entire palm. The rest of the glove is crafted of a breathable polycotton. Tested in the concrete demolition and construction industries, the glove outperforms and outlasts the preceding model. Seamar Glove. www.seamar.com.Circle 6.

Curb inlet protection

The modular design of the Ultra-Curb Guard Plus allows 3-foot-long units to be connected to keep sediment out of any size curb inlet. Wedge-shaped, heavy-duty foam secures the unit in the curb inlet while woven polypropylene material provides a high flow rate that won't cause ponding or flooding. They are easily and quickly installed, removed, and replaced. UltraTech International Inc. www.spillcontainment.com.Circle 7.

Trench drain

Consisting of UV-10 stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the Z880 2½-inch-wide trench drain system features pre-fabricated 45- and 90-degree adaptors and 1½-inch end and bottom outlets. The modular, linear drain is 48 inches long and 3 inches deep, with a standard HDPE decorative grate. Bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum decorative grates are available upon request. Flo-Thru, div of Zurn Ind. www.zurn.com.Circle 8.

Bollard base

This product makes bollard installation quick and inexpensive while producing a high-quality, finished appearance. Simply cast the bollard base in the slab, remove excess paste, and weld the bollard to the base. For new buildings, the base can be placed in a slab for future use without compromising slab integrity or being damaged by forklift traffic. They come in round and square shapes in depths from 4 to 12 inches. PNA Construction Technologies. www.pna-inc.com.Circle 9.

Reduced-vibration hammer

The 5363-21 1-inch SDS rotary hammer has a keyless SDS chuck that allows for quick, tool-free changes. The tool features three modes of operation—rotary hammer, drill only, and chipping—for versatility. It delivers 2 foot-pounds of energy and up to 5980 bpm. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. www.milwaukeetool.com.Circle 10.