The new Hilti PS 200 Ferroscan system, made up of the PS 200 S scanner and PS 200 M monitor, detects rebar and other ferrous objects in concrete to help save time and money by avoiding costly rebar hits. Portable, quick, and easy for one person to use, it is designed to provide accurate onsite rebar depth, diameter, and location. The system is wireless and lightweight to make performing scans faster and easier. Simply run the scanner across the surface, and it creates an image of what is in the concrete. Data can be downloaded from the scanner to the monitor via infrared beam, and the image is immediately displayed on the monitor for identification and location of steel reinforcement prior to drilling. Hilti Inc., World of Concrete Booth N2617. 1.

PROJECT INFORMATION SOFTWARE Dispatch and scheduling software

ControlBoard has been engineered from the ground up to solve the problem of resource scheduling, tracking, and dis-patching in the heavy and highway construction industry. Its innovative design looks like an electronic white-board, where changes can be made quickly and easily with relatively little training. However, unlike a whiteboard or spreadsheet, every change is tracked and stored in a database so that resource conflicts, changes, and use are always available for review. Congistics Corp., World of Concrete Booth N2267 2.

Real-time mobile CAD

The fieldPro On-Demand Surveying solution is a complete software-based system that seamlessly integrates survey instruments, computer-aided design (CAD) environments and the tablet or laptop PC to provide industry professionals with an automated measuring and drafting environment in the field, both indoors and outdoors. The result is an instrument-ready mobile CAD work-station, designed to work seamlessly within Autodesk products. fieldPro helps you visualize projects in the field, eliminate field and translation errors, and optimize your return on investment on CAD software and survey equipment. fieldDesigner Inc., World of Concrete Booth N1964. 3.

CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION TOOLS Eliminate inaccurate timecards

The Jobclock system, designed exclusively for the construction trades, eliminates inaccurate or imprecise timecards. Workers use a small green keytab on their keyring to clock in, and a red keytab to clock out. Additional keytabs allow tracking of travel and other activities. A Palm Pilot is used to collect records from the weatherproof, battery-powered unit, and back at the office, the information can be reviewed, edited, and printed, making the payroll process easier. Exaktime, World of Concrete Booth N2066. 4.

Tougher jobsite level

Formerly known as the Stanley Compulevel, the ZipLevel Pro-2000 has been updated with several new improvements, making it even more robust on the job-site. The product saves contractors time and money by letting laborers work alone to quickly, precisely, and easily level and read elevations directly in unmistakable clear digits. There is no need for lasers, rods, or tripods; the result is fewer distance errors and no tedious calibration or computation. Technidea Corp., World of Concrete Booth C8011. 5.

Fast hand-held mixer

The new Collomix Power Duo cuts mixing time in half, improving jobsite productivity. It produces outstanding mixing quality because of two counter-rotating mixing shafts that force the material through the paddles with no torque. The ergonomically designed tool works with all types of materials, especially multi-component products. It features a powerful, long-lasting motor in a light unbreakable housing, with comfortable grip. Mixing Innovations, World of Concrete Booth S11344. 6.

Sprayer for liquid waterproofing

The SE-05100 and SE-05200 Pro Series spray units provide fast, efficient application of waterproofing and dampproofing materials. With models for solvent or water-based materials, the sprayers combine a Honda engine with a Speeflo pump for performance and reliability. The SE-05100 delivers maximum pressure and features front-mounted controls and gauges. Various mounting configurations make the SE-05200 ideal for most vehicles. Mar-Flex Waterproofing & Basement Products, World of Concrete Booth C6501. 7.

Hand-held breaking tool

The Callander Slide Hammer is an easy, safe, and efficient tool for breaking concrete. This innovative hand tool requires no power to operate. It is available with four different ends—a point, chisel, broad chisel, and tamper—for almost any application. It allows a user to expose pipe work, cabling, or reinforcement with pinpoint precision and minimum noise. Callander Equipment Supplies, World of Concrete Booth S12623 8.

Angle grinder

The G23MR angle grinder features the patented Internal Double Insulation technology, combining the durability of an all-metal body with the double insulation advantages of plastic housings, for improved reliability and longer life. The tool delivers 15 amps and a no-load speed of 6600 rpm. It also is equipped with a three-position side handle that reduces vibration for more comfort and control. The tool-less wheel guard can be adjusted for almost any working angle. Hitachi Power Tools, World of Concrete Booth C4245. 9.


The Hilti PD 32 laser range meter provides fast, accurate measurements with an effortless touch of a button, and it fits in a pocket, pouch, or tool bag. Aim the laser and press the button, and the unit immediately displays the distance up to 600 feet with a pinpoint accuracy. It enables one person to take highly accurate and access-free distance measurements. It is great for estimating job sizes and measuring concrete pour volumes. The unit adds and subtracts distances, and features minimum/maximum and Pythagorean functions, a vertical bubble level, side measuring key, and built-in optical sight. Hilti Inc., World of Concrete Booth N2617. 10.