To achieve the look the client was requesting, the project was completed with 40-grit metal bond diamonds, through 400 grit resins. We used a Retro Plate 99 densifier and a Retro Guard sealer. AmeriPolish acetone dye was used in the waiting area, stairs, and cross corridor, to better separate the areas. Cracks and nail holes were filled with clear epoxy and Husqvarna GM 3000 grout was utilized on much of the floor to fill pin holes and imperfections in the concrete. Also, the precast concrete stairs were completed in our shop and delivered to the jobsite to achieve a more consistent look. We polished the floors during the framing stages of the project then covered them with Tyvek and Masonite until the project was complete.

The client and the architect chose polished concrete for the ease of maintenance. Before this experience, the university construction department had a negative opinion of polished concrete due to the inconsistency of the floors they've received in the past. Their opinion of polished concrete has changed immensely as a result of this project. The consistency and aesthetic appeal, in addition to the ease of maintenance, has made the university construction department a fan of polished concrete.