The floor of the ROTC training room for the Jackson Area Career Center in Jackson, Michigan, was in need of an upgrade. Contractor Anderson Concrete was selected for this project because of their reputable experience with polished concrete and due their relationship with the career center; the contractor has been involved with a building program that brings high school kids to construction jobsites.

The main challenge in this project was removing two layers of carpet glue. The contractor used a RSP Q8 Nitro Mastic Tool from Runyon for the removal. This process would normally be completed dry, but the contractor resorted to a wet technique because of the glue's thickness. There was also lots of damage to the concrete floor that required substantial patching. Once patching was complete, the floor was polished with 70 grit 100 grit transitional, 400 grit metal, and 400 grit semi-metal and finally up to 800 grit phenolic. Global Polishing Systems products and a Husqvarna PG 820 were utilized to reach the desired polished finish.