Category: Municipal
Location: Killeen, Texas
Size: 81,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Exterior Building Stone used: 17,000sf+ of Antique Leuders, Leuders Limestone (heavy on the tans); course heights from 4” to 16” Mortar Color was Buff; Caps and Sills honed, all other block rough face; Interior Builing stone used:1” thin veneer units of Leuders Limestone, same mix and pattern as the exterior stone.Exterior site plaza stone used:(seats) 4 Leuders limestone slabs with split face sides and sanded honed tops.
Submitted by: Dewberry Architects Inc.

Project Description

The new 81,000 SF LEED Gold Police Headquarters represents a sustainable, inviting, and contextual yet modern civic building design that has instilled a new sense of pride for the city and their police force. The use of leuders limestone predominately in this project helps give the building a strong sense of place for this community. This new facility brings together seven fragmented and remote police operations under one roof. As a regional resource, it provides community and training rooms that reinforce the PD's mission of community outreach.

The south Killeen site is part of the regional “Hill Country” topography. The design takes advantage of the sloping terrain by nestling the building into the hillside. This sensitive siting achieves a critical security separation between public and staff entry points by allowing them to be on different levels, yet on the same axis. The angular, stone clad volume along the street serves as a reminder of the limestone overhangs found throughout the region. The design evokes the vernacular of the area with native limestone cladding, sandblasted concrete plinths, and metal panels. The landscaping focuses on regional/native grasses and drought-resistant plantings.

The project team focused on reducing energy consumption to achieve a high performance building design. Insulation of the building envelope was increased above standard level, high performance glazing and window systems were used. Interior roller shades are installed along all west and south window openings to control heat gain, glare, etc. while still allowing filtered daylight into spaces. Lighting sensors are installed to take advantage of daylighting levels. 365 Geothermal Wells, each 250 feet deep serve the cooling and heating needs of the facility.

Besides the strong exterior stone presence, the leuders limestone is also used on the interior, for exterior site walls, benches, and the memorial markers.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Brian Meade, AIA, LEED AP Company: Dewberry Architects Inc.
Phone: 847.841.0577

Structural Engineer Company: Dewberry Architects Inc.
Phone: 847.841.0577

General Contractor's Name: Matthew Vitek Company: Lee Lewis Construction, Inc.
Phone: 512.369.3921

Masonry Contractor's Name: James Farmer Company: Farmer Masonry, Inc.
Phone: 254.840.3293

Masonry Supplier Company: Darden Building Materials
Phone: 254.772.3450

Landscape Architect's Name: David C. Baldwin, Inc. Phone: 972.509.1266