It’s no secret that customers expect a clean and sanitary restaurant, delicatessen, or grocery story whenever they go out to eat or buy their food to take home. But these same conditions also must be present before that same food makes its way through the pipeline and before it gets to the retail level.

When Wing’s Food Products, an Asian food supplier based in Toronto, needed a tough, durable, chemical-resistant floor at its Toronto food manufacturing facility, it hired BNE Contractors, a concrete flooring and polished concrete contractor based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. After completing a thorough assessment of the project, BNE’s task was to restore a concrete floor that, in some areas, had up to 1 1/2 inches of old polyurethane overlay that had to be removed.

The first step involved milling off about 18,000 square feet of 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches of old floor leveling materials and resurfacers until they reached clean, sound concrete. To prep the floor, workers used a 20-inch shotblaster, 10-inch scarifiers, 32-inch diamond grinders, and a 16-inch milling machine.

The crew used three different coating solutions on the floor. Workers applied 4000 square feet of a two-part, 100% solids epoxy coating with a slip-resistant texture for a 40-mil thickness in a dry storage area. In the important food processing area, 30,000 square feet of Floor 51—a low-odor, trowelled epoxy coating manufactured by International Coatings Inc.—was power-trowelled at 1/4-inch thickness and top-coated with the same epoxy coating used in the dry storage area.

In the kitchen’s frying area, 2500 square feet of Ure Guard TL Coating, a three-part, nearly odorless urethane cement material, was applied at 1/4-inch thickness for extra protection.

Finally, workers applied Primer LV, a low-viscosity, two-part epoxy primer, over the entire floor at 250 square feet per gallon. There was no need for patching because they were able to fill low spots and holes while power trowelling. Even though the six-man crew was new to power trowelling a resin-rich system, they completed 5000 square feet on the first day, and proceeded more quickly as the job went on.

When the floor was complete, the customer was pleased with its new, attractive, and safe floor. Wing’s retail customers are not aware of the difference, but employees back at the kitchen now have a clean, safe, and attractive place to work.

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