The owner of Laurie's Hair & Spa decided to relocate her business just before the busiest time of the year. The owner insisted on a high-end, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and low-maintenance floor. After deciding on polished concrete, her plans were almost compromised when the existing floor covering was removed from the 27- year-old floor. The existing floor revealed no joints and a severely cracked and spalled floor.

With the grand opening getting closer, there was no time to remove, re-pour, and polish a new slab. The existing subgrade and slab were stabilized by drilling and injecting chemical grout, repairing the cracks, and adding new relief joints. The existing slab was then prepped and leveled, utilizing an STI 30/30 with STI 10 segment metal bond diamond tooling. A new surface was poured with Rapid Set TRU and seeded with mirrors, amber, red and yellow glass aggregates.

The following day the decorative saw cuts were scored, and the honing and polishing process began. Ameripolish OS Dye and RetroPlate 99 Densifier were used, along with STI's FL-07 Series diamond tooling. The owner loving the new life this system had given the floor, asked for a decorative design. With Mother’s Day nearing and the owner being a mother of five, it was decided to add 11-ft. Mother’s Day roses with angel wings embracing the long stems. The mural was scored into the floor and the 3D effect was brought to life with varying dyes and pigments.