Category: Institutional
Location: Springfield, MO
Size: 195474 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 2,865 pieces (23,598 sq. ft)-Architectural Cast Stone, Full Bed Veneer & 38,500 CMV Units(Standard).
Submitted by: Missouri State University

Project Description

The Missouri State University Recreation Center is Unique in its design and appearance in that the majority of the exterior veneer is Architectural Cast Stone. Typically Architectural Cast Stone is used in masonry construction as an accent banding/course, as wall caps, or ornamental design features, but not typically as the entire veneer of the building. The exterior stone cladding consisted of two stone dimensions (4”x 24” x 48” and 4” x 32” x 48”) in an alternating pattern, laid in a staggered bond pattern. The larger of the two stones were designed with two false joints, which gave the appearance of multiple stones in the matrix.

The placement of control joints, relief angles, door and window jambs, along with the bond pattern from the alternating stone sizes and the false joints, required that over sixty percent of the 2,865 total pieces were custom pieces. In addition, a tremendous amount of coordination hours were spent in logistics, inspection, and material handling prior to the actual installation. Each truck load had to be sorted and “pre-staged” on pallets prior to being placed on the scaffolding for installation to maximize labor efficiency with the crew.

Due to the large size of the stones (the large stone weighed 430 lbs./smaller stone weighed 322 lbs.), many hours were spent on collaboration to determine the best method and application for the joint system of the Architectural Cast Stone veneer. The decision was made to install the stones on a high density setting shim and use a soft joint in lieu of a traditional masonry joint. The weight of the individual stones required a special hoist system as well. A “Mono Rail” hoist system as designed by EZ Scaffolding was mounted to the EZ Commercial Tower Scaffold. Three stations were utilized for the project with the “Myte” material hoists attached to the I Beam section of the “Mono Rail”. The hoists were able to lift 1000 lbs on a single cable and operated on 110 volts electricity. Two masons set each stone and placed stainless steel split tail anchors at the top and bottom of each stone. One mason tender per two masons was required to keep the production flow. Special tools were made to protect the stones from the beginning of the logistical process through installation.

Extra care had to be taken to insure that the face of each stone did not get scratched or marred during the construction process. A clamp was designed by the masons that had non-marking wheels. This clamp was attached to the bottom of the stone and it would allow for each stone to be lifted from the pallet by a picking insert in the stone and rolled across the stone underneath without marring the finish of the stone on the bottom. Approximately 2,500 mason hours and 1,500 mason tender hours were used on the installation of the Architectural Cast Stone for this project.

The installation of the soft joint was performed by Atkins Weatherproofing. A total of 22,000 linear feet of backer rod and Dow Corning 756 was installed in the veneer system.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Ken Crabiel Company: Cannon Design
Phone: (314) 241-6250

General Contractor's Name: Ramsay Manning Company: DeWitt & Associates
Phone: (417) 881-4820

Masonry Contractor's Name: Chuck Applegate Company: South Barnes Masonry
Phone: (417) 818-5700

Masonry Supplier's Name: Eric Cardwell Compan: Summit Specialty Products
Phone: (417) 862-6740

Masonry Supplier's Name: Dave Shieffer Company: Architectural Cast Stone, Inc.
Phone: (316) 262-5543

Masonry Supplier's Name: Mike Cranor Company: Midwest Products Group
Phone: (417) 869-2595

Company: Hitchcock Design Group Phone: (630) 961-1787
Name: Frank Atkins
Company: Atkins Weatherproofing
Phone: (417) 869-2281