Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores has specified polished concrete in its stores for a number of years. The national retailer expects a consistent, quality flooring product that enhances the presentation of its merchandise.

Summerville, S.C.-based Ardor Solutions did all the right things at the retailer’s Charleston, S.C., location by first analyzing the floor, the facilities, and the necessary time allotment before putting a diamond on the floor. As part of the evaluation, Ardor checked the joints for depth and width, ensuring that they were sound and within specifications. The contractor determined that the floor was finished properly and was a good candidate for polishing, with a minimum floor flatness value of 30.

Ardor established mobilizations, equipment, chemical, and personnel needs based on the onsite review, ensuring that specifications were met and minimizing “unknowns” that cost money. The floor was wet-cured for three days; polishing work began 42 days after pouring and finishing the slab.

The project was specified to receive a salt-and-pepper exposure. Ardor used the following components to deliver a Level 3 floor:

  • Patching — Rapid Refloor by Metzger/McGuire
  • Pour backs — Cement All by CTS Cement Manufacturing
  • Initial cut, metal wet-grind through 200 resins — STI 4430 by Substrate Technology
  • Honing/polishing stages — 400- to 1,500-grit performed dry with Lavina 32Pro from Super Abrasive
  • Densifier — RetroPlate 99 by Advanced Floor Products
  • Finish product — RetroGuard by Advanced Floor Products
  • Joints — VersaFlex75 by VersaFlex Inc.
  • Edge tint around hand-finished columns — ArmorSeal Epoxy by Sherwin Williams

To ensure long-term customer satisfaction, Arbor provided the owner with detailed maintenance instructions and stressed the importance of following them. Almost a year later, the high-traffic floor still looks brand new.

Peter Wagner owns Concrete Flooring Solutions LLC in Portland, Ore., offering systems-based marketing and training programs for the polished concrete industry. He is a 2013 speaker at the International Concrete Polishing & Staining Conference in Atlanta, presenting a Sept. 14 seminar based on his PhotoFlow Solution For Polished Concrete for protecting your brand, increasing your profits, and minimizing onsite liabilities. E-mail [email protected]; visit

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