The hidden benefits of a sloping site and the clients’ desire for a home with a large outdoor space living space yielded a 6,000-square-foot contemporary home that overlooks a desert golf course and blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. In elevation, the home’s crisp lines are highlighted by stacked-stone accents, smoke-hued walls, and deep overhangs that reiterate horizontal forms, as well as glass walls that slide open and clerestories that flood the home with light.

Tate Studio Architects worked with Sullivan Builders to select a finish that would enhance the home's aesthetic. Diamond polished concrete was preferred for its durability and practicality. The contractor utilizes a less aggressive chemical and non-intrusive machinery during polishing, which results in a faster process that is more cost-effective and nearly maintenance-free.

Though the sloping site proved to be a challenge during construction, this element drove the final design, proving that enough work and talent can make what was considered "unbuildable" a success