The first area we an upper deck at the top of a third floor Area. This area surrounds the arena and holds all the concessions, and bathroom facilities. The area had been carpeted for many years and the School was looking for a new look. Polished Concrete was the perfect fit. Beauty, reflectivity, (The entire building surrounded by Glass) Exceptional ability to handle a large volume of traffic and still be very low maintenance. This Project up-dated the building, and brought the areas up to a very modern look. The concrete on the upper deck had many challenges. First being the age, the many uses of floor. Many brackets,turnstiles and fixtures. Bolted to the floor created a infill challenge. Two part epoxy, combined with powdered color solved many of these issues. The many types of glues, sealers and adhesive were removed by wet cutting with a small amount of sand to aid in the abrasive effect. The third challenge was also age related. The method to place concrete was still to hand screed which left a very distinct wave in the floor around the entire building. This problem was handled with three Eagle grinders to remove most of the wave and leave a relatively flat smooth surface. After switching to a dry grind method the floor was ground to a 400 finish. The color dye was laid down and polished to 1500 grit. The floor was finished with two coats lithium guard to protect the floor, then the floor was burnished to a brilliant shine. After completion of the first portion of the building, we became a part of another area of the building to be remodeled. This area to be converted an event center. After removal of many walls, carpet and tile we got to work. This area was taken through the same process and finished with a deep charcoal border.One badly damaged area at the landing of the escalator was removed, re-poured, scored and finished to compliment, the rest of the border. The project finished out with brilliant color and great reflectivity.