Category: Municipal
Location: Delaware, Ohio
Size: 33,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Over 8,860 SF of split face Northern Ohio blue vein stone. Exterior Building Wall Stone used: Northern Ohio Blue Vein Limestone, split face with some bed face units, ashlar pattern, 4” bed depth755LF of buff Indiana limestone for wall copings. Interior Building stone used: 1” thin veneer units of Northern Ohio Blue Vein Lime-stone, same mix and pattern as the exterior stone. Exterior site stone used: (seats) Buff Indiana limestone slabs with split face sides and sanded honed tops; (splashblock) Buff Indiana limestone cut and honed finish on all sides.
Submitted by: Dewberry Architects Inc.

Project Description

The design of this 33,000sf branch library was conceived to reflect a sense of place and strong local identity for community members to connect with and embrace as their own. The inspiration for using stone came from the nearby beautiful limestone bluffs along the Olentangy River which has also inspired decades of other buildings in the area. This “Regional Modernism” style of architecture combines traditional forms and material found in the region with more modern open, and transparent spaces within.

Over 8,860sf of split face Northern Ohio blue vein stone with some bed face units all laid in a random ashlar pattern was used on the exterior and interior of the building. The blue vein steaks add wonderful subtle color accents to the walls. All stone units were hand shaped by the masons on site. This technique requires a skill that not many people possess in today's age of manufactured materials. The masonry crew had men assigned full-time to selecting pieces and shaping to the approximate desired size. No two pieces are the same, which gives the building a distinctive appearance. On the exterior, a full 4” bed depth is used for the 10' high stone base used around most of the building. Another exterior stone feature can be found along the north elevation where three dramatic projecting stone and glass bays direct patron's views to the new gardens and natural wooded areas to the north for patrons. These angular forms recall the plynths of stone out croppings found near the river. Along the top edges of building stone, over 750LF of buff Indiana limestone coping pieces were used.

In the site work, six large rustic limestone slab benches can be found in the entry plaza. The sides are split face while the top is sanded smooth. The bio-retention basins also contain honed Indiana limestone slabs that will appear to “float” in these basins once the native grasses grow in. The sides of these basins are formed by dry laid limestone pieces. On the interior, 1” thin veneer units of the same blue-vein limestone was used to bring the natural beauty of this stone into the patron spaces. Each of the three northern stone bays has an interior stone wall extension with various size stone openings for children to interact with. The massive 35'H x 16'W double sided stone fireplace serves as the central focal point for the library. It's prominent axial location fills the open light filled 27'H x 220' long linear light monitor volume. The random openings in the fireplace really accentuate the depth and thickness of this element.

Some special building spaces include a large glass enclosed quiet study room with a fireplace, a community meeting room, a cafe, a large children's area & dedicated storytime room, and a teen space separated with a glass garage door.

In summary, the stone used throughout this project was one of the most important elements to give this building the regional character and warm, distinctive, sense of place quality desired.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Brian Meade, AIA, LEED AP Company: Dewberry Architects Inc.
Phone: 847.841.0577

Structural Engineer' s Name: Nick Constantine Company: Korda Nemeth Engineering
Phone: 614.487.1650

General Contractor's Name: Jamie Fields Company: Elford, Inc.
Phone: 614.488.4000

Masonry Contractor Company: KE Dittmar Company, dba Arch Masonry & Stonewall
Phone: 740.453.9974