Loveland, Colo., is home to many artists and hosts two of the largest outdoor sculpture exhibitions in North America. The city’s public library includes the Galleria—a main corridor that showcases local artwork. The open hallway is a reflection of the city’s reputation as a vibrant arts community. So when the Loveland Public Library began expanding and remodeling its 21-year-old facility, decision-makers weren’t happy with the rather drab carpet tile and VCT options available to enhance the Galleria’s existing flooring surface. The library hired an architect with an alternative in mind: a polished concrete overlay.

To achieve a concept of earth, water, and wood that echoes the city’s geography and history, the architect designed an abstract pattern for the floor with Bomanite Modena, a concrete overlay with similar attributes to terrazzo. The base consisted of Canyon City aggregate, integral colors, and approximately 7340 pounds of recycled glass.

During the polishing process, contractor Colorado Hardscapes applied two concrete dyes in specific areas, as well as multiple finishes, to attain an organic appearance that replicates the flow of the area’s Big Thompson River. The library stayed open throughout the renovation.

The library is the first municipal building in the city to receive LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

To learn how Colorado Hardscapes used decorative concrete as part of an urban-renewal project, visit here.

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